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Tips & Stories | 2013-3-15 | Alex Muramoto 15 Mar 2013 | By Alex Muramoto

Evernote Business
We received a lot of great responses to our recent survey, and we are already using your feedback to help improve Evernote Business. Overwhelmingly you told us that you need educational materials and training resources to help your company and users adopt Evernote Business, and we have responded with an improved Resources section of the Evernote Business site, packed with information, videos, webinars, tutorials and guides to help Admins and users get started and stay productive with Evernote Business.

Visit these links or browse the Resources section of the Evernote Business site:

  • Getting Started Guide: A walkthrough of account creation and how to invite users to join your Evernote Business account.
  • Admin Guide: Your complete guide to all the features and functionality available in the Admin Console.
  • User Guide: For users and admins, learn how to use all of the features of Evernote Business, including Business Notebook and the Business Library.
  • Webinars: View past webinars or register to join us for a future webinar on a variety of topics, including product demos, tutorials and more.
  • Videos: See how other business are using Evernote to improve their workflow, and get inspiration for ways to use Evernote Business where you work.

We also have a complete set of Evernote User Guides to help you get started using all of the features and functionality of the Evernote app on all your devices: