Works with Evernote Business: Fujitsu ScanSnap

Friends & Partners | 2013-4-2 | Mie Yaginuma 2 Apr 2013 | By Mie Yaginuma

Evernote Business


  • Partner name: Fujitsu
  • Platform: Mac, Windows
  • Price: $495
  • Type: Scanner

Whether you’re just starting to use Evernote at work, or have already been using Evernote in the office for years, a scanner is an essential tool for taking advantage of what Evernote can do. Once you digitize your papers and have them saved in Evernote, you can search for what you need quickly and easily in-app. And now, saving everything important to your business in Evernote just got easier with the Fujitsu ScanSnap, which works with Evernote Business so you can save everything directly to a Business Notebook of your choice.

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The Scansnap iX500

Get rid of clutter and get your business organized by scanning in business cards, business trip receipts, customer contracts, project documents, or even scribbled meeting notes. The new ScanSnap iX500 model is smart, so you can quickly and accurately scan multiple documents. The scanner will also detect the size and fix skew, show images in proper orientation, remove blank pages, and even scan directly to your mobile device via wifi, without using a PC or Mac. This means you can scan what you need for your next meeting right into your smartphone and take it with you.

Using Evernote Business

The Fujitsu ScanSnap has been one of our favorite Evernote integrations for a long time, but now it is even more powerful with Evernote Business, allowing you to save directly to any Business Notebook.


Quick Tip: Use the Fujitsu ScanSnap to save directly to a Shared Business Notebook or a Business Notebook published to your company’s Business Library to make your scanned documents instantly accessible by your team.


Plus, finding any document when you need it is easy with Evernote’s powerful search, which can even find typed or handwritten text within attached images. Even if you don’t tag or organize items into notebooks, all you have to do is search for one word in the document you need. Evernote Business and Evernote Premium users can also search within scanned PDFs, as well as Microsoft Office, iWork and OpenOffice documents, presentations, and spreadsheets thanks to our new Document Search Premium feature.



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