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Monthly archives for May 2011:

So API Together: Evernote and Thrift

When we started to plan the Evernote service in 2007, we knew that we would need to support both “thin” clients (like web browsers) and “thick” synchronizing clients on the day that we launched. This forced us us to think … Continue reading


A Digest of Evernote’s Architecture (*)

Let’s get things started with a coarse-grained overview of the physical makeup of the Evernote service. I won’t go into a lot of detail on each component here; we’ll aim to talk about the interesting bits in separate posts later. … Continue reading



Hello, and welcome to Evernote’s new technology blog.  Our main company blog is a great place to learn what we do, and this is the place where we’ll talk about how we do it (and, occasionally, why…). This will include tidbits … Continue reading