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The Care and Feeding of Elephants

Monthly archives for June 2011:

Elephants love mangoes – a look behind our Windows Phone 7 client

Introduction A year ago I was working in the IT department of a large commodities trading company, managing a team of 11 people. I’d been developing software since my early teens, but I’d wanted to try my hand at managing.  … Continue reading


Fast String Handling: A Frayed Knot

Evernote’s servers process a lot of data for our users. At any given time, a shard may be performing different activities for different clients. For example: Constructing dynamic web pages for user accounts Performing API calls on notebooks, tags, etc. … Continue reading

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A Peek Inside Evernote’s New App

Yesterday, we released Evernote Peek, the world’s first app that’s controlled using the iPad 2 Smart Cover. We aren’t letting ourselves submit entries into the Evernote Developer Competition (pay yourself first?), but Peek is an excellent example of the type of app … Continue reading

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Cash for Trunkers

Dave recently wrote a detailed post on why our API is built on Apache Thrift. With that as a background, I’d like to give you an introduction to why we have an open API, and what we hope that developers like … Continue reading