Ruby and Python SDK Updates – Introducing Kentaro Suzuki

Posted by on 28 Jan 2013

Posted by on 28 Jan 2013

By Kentaro Suzuki, Developer Advocate at Evernote

The Evernote Platform team builds sample code and SDKs for many programming languages. In response to a growing number of developers building Ruby and Python applications using our API, I have made some major updates that make our SDKs more powerful and easier to use in those environments.

Quick Start Guide for Ruby
For beginner Ruby programmers and experienced developers new to our SDK, we have developed a new getting started to describe how to download, install, and configure the Evernote SDK for Ruby. This is a 10-15 minute walk through that is available on our developer website. View the guide

With the goal of getting Ruby and Python devs up and running in a short amount of time, we have made a number of improvements and additions for the Ruby and Python SDKs:


  • Published latest SDK as a RubyGem
  • Developed evernote_oauth gem on top of Evernote Ruby SDK to simply OAuth
  • Added utility classes that wrap the UserStore
  • Added utility classes that wrap the NoteStore
  • Added utility classes to simplify access to shared and business notebooks
  • Developed new sample code for most Evernote APIs
  • Developed sample Ruby on Rails code



We plan to continue improving our RubyGem to improve Evernote Business support as well as making it easier to integrate with Yinxiang Biji, Evernote’s Chinese service.  At the same time, we are planning to add more utility classes and functions for the Python SDK similar to those that were added for Ruby. The Ruby SDK, evernote_oauth gem, and Python SDK are open on GitHub.  Any questions and feedback are appreciated.

About the Author
kentaro_suzukiKentaro Suzuki is a Developer Advocate on the Evernote Platform team. Kentaro actively maintains the Ruby and Python SDKs to encourage more web developers use the Evernote API.

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  • Yoda Svenska


    I too am a software developer, and a user of evernote. I’d like to take a minute to mention
    a few items.

    As a user of git, you must be familiar with its wonderful merging capabilities. This also exists in wiki’s and other content management systems.

    Evernote needs this capability. Minor edits on the web, and separately on a disconnected device should not cause an entire new note to be generated. Please check into this.

    Less important, but still worth considering is the ability to hyperlink & navigate through a set of notes. Without this, a set of notes quickly grows into an unmanagable heap — useless.

    Thanks for listening.
    — Y.S.