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Posted by Brett Kelly on 29 Jan 2013

Posted by Brett Kelly on 29 Jan 2013

We love developers. I mean, we really love them. All of them.

We’re particularly fond of the 20,000 developers currently working with the Evernote Cloud API and we’re committed to equipping them with superior tools, software libraries and instructional materials. That’s why we’re especially thrilled to announce that we’ve made a massive overhaul to the Evernote Developer resource site: dev.evernote.com.


When working on this redesign, we tried to imagine our world from the perspective of a third-party partner building with Evernote. I’d like to discuss a few of the guiding principles behind the new site.

Get Started Quickly

As developers ourselves, we know how important it is to make progress quickly. We’ve done our best to make common on-boarding tasks like creating an API key and downloading the correct SDK for your platform quick and easy. And since each of our SDKs contains complete, working applications that developers can use as models when building their own integrations, you’ll be up and running in no time.

The quick-start guides cover all aspects of starting with a new programming language while learning the Evernote API  (currently iOS, Android, and Ruby guides are available)

The quick-start guides cover all aspects of starting with a new programming language while learning the Evernote API (currently iOS, Android, and Ruby guides are available)

Come As You Are

Developers come in all shapes and sizes, from inexperienced newbies yearning to get their hands dirty to grizzled veterans who are ready to get down to business. We wanted to serve all of them equally, so we developed several tiers of documentation — each geared toward a specific skill level:

  • Our Quick-start Guides can help developers of any skill level quickly integrate the Evernote Cloud API into their iOS, Android or Ruby application.
  • In the Core Concepts section, you’ll find conceptual overviews of common tasks encountered by most of our partner developers: authentication, creating notes, working with attachments, and more.
  • The API Documentation section contains long-form instructions for many of the more complex features of the Evernote Cloud API like understanding image recognition, the Evernote search grammar and integrating with Evernote Business.
  • Finally, the API Function Reference will get you the nitty gritty on every single type, function and enumeration contained in the Evernote Cloud API.

Self-Service Knowledge

Despite having a top-notch developer relations team, we understand that sometimes you need an answer now and don’t have even a few hours to wait for a response to your support request. That’s why we’ve included special search functionality that not only includes all of our documentation, but also queries our active developer support forum where both Evernote staff and the community are asking and answering plenty of great questions.

“Just show me the code”


This is a common refrain among developers faced with pages and pages of technical documentation. We’ve seriously beefed up the amount of sample code in all of our documentation. And since different platforms do things differently, we’re working hard to add additional languages and technologies to the library of code snippets sprinkled through the Evernote Developer site.

A Work in Progress

“Awesome developer resources are never finished, only abandoned.”

(That’s a real quote. Promise.)

Despite being quite proud of the new site, we know that there is always more we can do. We’ll be regularly adding new content and sample code, so check back often.


Take a look around the new Evernote Developer site and let us know what you think in the comments! You can also get in touch with us on Twitter by following @evernote_dev.

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