Codecademy Launches New Evernote API Course!

Posted by on 19 Feb 2013

Posted by on 19 Feb 2013


Evernote’s open API is used by developers around the world. We love helping them build great apps that work with Evernote, but we recognize that most developers would rather help themselves than wait for us to answer their questions. To this end, we’ve recently rebuilt our developer site and made huge enhancements to our Android, iOS, Python and Ruby SDKs.

Today, we’re excited to launch our first interactive online course, built using the awesome service Codecademy.


The Evernote track is found on the front page of Codecademy’s API section

Codecademy is an online training resource for learning programming languages in a straightforward and intuitive process. It offers courses in html, javascript, and other languages, and today added courses covering many popular APIs. Many of us at Evernote enjoy using Codecademy as a refresher on the basics and we hope the community will benefit from the new Evernote API track.

Codeacademy Opening

The Evernote API track on Codecademy allows for a step by step approach to learning our platform

With the Evernote API course on Codecademy, you will learn the basics for connecting to our platform including:


Sample Ruby project for building on the Evernote platform.

Sample Ruby project for building on the Evernote platform.

Once you have completed the Evernote API course – the best part is the shiny new badge you get on your Codecademy profile page:


Check out the Evernote API course on Codecademy for yourself — we look forward to seeing what you build!

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  • This is a really good idea. I’ve been looking around for something like this because App building is very useful! Thanks for the update.

  • Urbano Freitas


    It’s something like this that I was looking for.
    Thanks for sharing it.