Evernote SDK for iOS Updates – Improved login flow, Evernote for iOS integration, and more

Posted by Mustafa Furniturewala on 01 Mar 2013

Posted by Mustafa Furniturewala on 01 Mar 2013

Since our last major update, we have made several improvements for developers building iOS apps for Evernote. In addition to developer tools, we have an enhanced login flow for Evernote users already logged into our app.

Extending Evernote for iOS app features to our iOS developers 

Evernote for iOS is a great app with lots of great features. With this SDK release and the latest Evernote for iOS release, we are opening up some of those features for developers to use. Among several features is the ability to create notes (with attachments) using the Evernote for iOS app. Developers can also use the rich text editing features of the app to edit existing notes.

We have also included a ENML to HTML converter to make it easier for you to display formatted notes with photos. Also included in the sample app is a notebook chooser.

Here is the list of all the new features :

  • Two-tap login : Login using the Evernote for iOS app.
  • ENML to HTML Converter : Developers can use this to display notes in their app.
  • Notebook chooser : UI to help you add a Notebook chooser to your app.
  • Use the Evernote for iOS app to view notes.
  • Use the Evernote for iOS app to edit notes.
  • Use the Evernote for iOS app to create a new note (with attachments).
  • Prompt the user to install the Evernote for iOS app (without leaving your app if iOS6)
  • Support for Evernote’s China service is now a seamless experience for developers. Just upgrading to the new SDK will add China support.
  • Sample code on all the above
  • Sample code on how to fetch a large amount of notes

All the new features have sample code in the sample app. Don’t forget, the iOS SDK has support for Evernote Business. There are several utility functions that make it easier to use Business API’s.  With this release, the Evernote SDK for iOS has come a long way. We are very excited to see interesting use cases of the API using these new features.

As always, we encourage developers to contribute to the SDK through our GitHub account using issues or pull requests.  If you have features that you would like to see, please don’t hesitate reach out to us through our Evernote Developer Forums.

Happy building!

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