[UPDATE] The Evernote/Honda Hackathon: Our first Design & Build Weekend at Evernote HQ!

Posted by on 13 May 2013

Posted by on 13 May 2013

Design and Build Weekend

Update: We are excited to add Pebble smart watches to our hackathon! Read below for details.

Join us in 3 weeks in Silicon Valley for our first ever Design & Build Weekend at Evernote HQ! After hosting many designer/developer events and workshops around the world, we are thrilled to finally bring the hackathon to our home turf and challenge app creators to build projects that sync with the Evernote API.

To attend our Design & Build Weekend, please RSVP for the event here »

All-New Integrations

We have some fantastic partners for the hackathon and our ongoing Evernote Devcup challenge. Our co-host for the design & build weekend is Honda Silicon Valley Lab (HSVL), Honda’s open innovation lab in Silicon Valley. HSVL will be launching a brand new API platform for developers at the event. In addition, we are introducing a new Hardware Hack section for the event, with special guests Leap Motion and NODE sensor!

Honda Silicon Valley Lab (HSVL) API

Honda Silicon Valley Labs
Honda Silicon Valley Lab is introducing the HSVL API platform for connecting into smart cars and providing developers with active data. For developers interested in the quantified self, the internet of everything, and life logging – this will be a brand new set of data for your applications. In addition, this hackathon will connect HSVL with developers in the community working on compelling and interesting use cases for the future of mobility.

Intelligent Design & Hardware Hacks


Leap Motion

Evernote users have stored billions of notes in their accounts for the last 6+ years. The API team at Evernote loves to feature developers who build new ways for exploring notes and helping our 50+ million users get more out of Evernote.

When it comes to the future of the user interface, we are thrilled to include Leap Motion for the Design & Build Weekend! We will be challenging design and dev teams to envision hand and gesture control of notes. This could include recipe book flipping, fast sorting, notebook stack visualization, and more.

The best app that uses Leap Motion and Evernote will receive Leap Motion devices and the possibility of being featured in their new app store, Air Space. Explore the Devcup forum for Leap Motion app ideas »


Pebble, one of the early trailblazers in the era of wearable technology, is the first smartwatch built for the 21st Century. Connecting wirelessly to Android and iOS smartphones via Bluetooth, the Pebble Smartwatch brings an high resolution e-paper display to your wrist, displaying notifications and information directly from a mobile device.

But the true power of Pebble will come from apps. Track your speed, distance, and pace data with a cycling or running app that delivers information to the watchface, or pause and skip tracks on your phone’s music app with the touch of a button. The Pebble SDK is versatile and ready for developers to build with it.

At the Hackathon, Pebble will provide support for all the teams working with their SDK, and the top three teams will win a device to continue their development. Winning teams will be automatically entered into Devcup and will win watches for the entire team as well as a chance to win Devcup Gold.


NODE is a wireless sensor platform that can measure anything from movement and color to gasses, depending on the interchangeable sensors.
Node began on Kickstarter in 2012 and has since added many new sensors including the CHROMA that allows for accurate color scanning, previously only available with expensive spectrometers. The CHROMA brings color matching for paints or fabrics to your smart device and is a must have for contractors, artists and interior architects. Check out nodesensors.com to learn more about the NODE platform. There are countless ways users can create a collection of data in Evernote with Node to help them understand more about the world around them. Can you bring the power of mobile sensors to Evernote?

Every team that develops a working NODE app can keep their NODE, will be featured on the NODE website and will get a free ticket to the upcoming NODEVCON.

Weekend Workshops


Collaboration and learning come together at our hackathons, and the main tool we support this ecosystem of innovation is through weekend workshops. Attendees of the Design & Build Weekend are invited to all our open workshops to learn more about the specific technologies involved and jumpstart their projects.

Some highlights for the weekend workshops:

  • Evernote API overview (basic & advanced)
  • HSVL API overview
  • Leap Motion SDK overview
  • Node SDK overview
  • Amazon Web Services getting started
  • Startup pitch training workshop

Design & Build Weekend Hackathon and the Evernote Devcup

Evernote Devcup

All applications built over the weekend are eligible for entry in the Evernote Devcup, our annual developer competition. To learn more about the global competition for apps that integrate with the Evernote API, click here »

RSVP and Join us at Evernote HQ!

To attend our Design & Build Weekend, please RSVP for the event here »


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