Devcup 2013 – It’s Not Too Late

Posted by Billy Ceskavich on 29 May 2013

Posted by Billy Ceskavich on 29 May 2013


Calling all developers and designers,

The deadline for submission to Evernote’s 2013 Devcup is just one month away.  Come June 28th, 2013, all apps must be submitted for review.  For those working hard on what will undoubtedly become a slew of impressive apps, be sure to finish your work by the deadline.  For those of you who have not yet begun working on the Devcup, it’s never too late to get involved.

Devcup 2013 and Why It’s All Sorts of Great

The Devcup is our annual competition for developers and designers who want to create the next great Evernote app.  Last year we had hundreds of entries from all over the world.  You can read the full list of rules here, but we look for apps that show a creative mix of intuitive design and unique functionality.

Devcup 2013 will also provide you with exclusive access to a wide array of our strategic partners: Honda Silicon Valley Lab, Amazon Web Serbvices, and Docomo Innovations.  In addition, Pebble and Leap Motion will be offering prizes for select teams.  Devcup is the perfect opportunity to not only create great apps, but also gain personal access with industry leaders.

Why You Should Get Started Today!

When you’re happy, we’re happy.  That’s why Devcup 2013 will provide a load of opportunity for those involved.  Teams can win recognition in a number of lifestyle categories.  In addition, the top three teams will receive generous cash prizes, allowing them to continue with the successful development of their products.

And of course, there’s the newly announced Evernote Accelerator.  All top category winners are eligible to become one of the first six members of our Accelerator program.  Through the Accelerator, you will gain a month of all-expenses paid space here at the Evernote HQ in Redwood City, CA to continue the development of your app.  We provide you with mentorship, development resources, and access to some of the brightest minds in the Valley.

Anything Goes

We’re looking for anything and everything that will make the Evernote experience that much better. Want to integrate Evernote into your app? Perfect. Think you can get the job done better than us? Prove it. We’re all ears, and can’t wait to see what you can create.

So, if this sounds at all interesting, get started now. Put together a team and begin building an app to make us proud.

Be sure to check out our Devcup Home for all the gritty details. And as always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Now start hacking.

The Developer Relations Team

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