Evernote Japan Announces the Accelerator Program at Their Largest User-Meetup Yet

Posted by Billy Ceskavich on 06 Jun 2013

Posted by Billy Ceskavich on 06 Jun 2013

Japan is Evernote’s second largest market. Back when Evernote was still a small start-up, Japanese users and developers were among the first to promote Evernote. Through word-of-mouth discussions, these early adopters built an active and dedicated developer community. Now there are over 300 Japanese developer apps that integrate with Evernote. The Japanese market has always been a key part of Evernote.

So after announcing Devcup 2013 in March, Phil Libin made plans for a dedicated trip to Tokyo.  This trip also coincided with our April announcement of the new Evernote Accelerator program. We wanted to be sure our Japanese developer community were encouraged and welcomed to join.


The Evernote Tokyo team organized an event that quickly became the largest Japanese meet-up we’ve had yet: over 300 users, developers, and partners attended! Phil’s keynote about the Evernote Accelerator was a clear highlight. In addition, partners presented, developers joined panel discussion, and various individuals successfully showcased what the Evernote ecosystem is about. We firmly believe that a diverse developer community only leads to creative, high quality Evernote apps.

Evernote Accelerator

Phil Libin illustrated how the Evernote Accelerator program is a clear part of our strategy to meet users’ needs. With over 50 million global users growing at a rate of 10,000 users a day, and with 5 million of these located in Japan, the Accelerator is another way for Evernote to successfully interact with its loyal base of supporters.


Six finalists from Devcup 2013 will be invited to an all-expenses paid, month-long incubator program at Evernote’s Silicon Valley headquarters. While there, these teams will receive mentorship and a bundle of resources to help build their apps.

The Accelerator is possible in part from our partners, Honda Silicon Valley Lab and Docomo Innovation Ventures. They will help provide the support and resources necessary to nurture these creative ideas. Ultimately, we look forward to seeing a new generation of creative apps that make people’s lives better.

Stay tuned for more developments from Devcup, or sign up today to get in on the action!

The Evernote Team

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