Honda Vehicle API Now Available

Posted by Billy Ceskavich on 11 Jun 2013

Posted by Billy Ceskavich on 11 Jun 2013


In the past several months, we have partnered with Honda Silicon Valley Lab to provide our developer community with new opportunities. As a sponsor of Devcup 2013 and the Evernote Accelerator, Honda SVL is helping developers produce the next generation of Evernote compatible apps.

Today, we are happy to announce another great resource for Evernote developers: open access to Honda’s new Vehicle API.  All those with a registered Evernote API key can now work directly with the Vehicle API in all their development endeavors!

The Vehicle API

Currently in beta, Honda’s Vehicle API allows developers to access a host of vehicle data logged from a car’s internal network. The Vehicle API works to enhance any travel focused app, allowing users to interact with useful driving data in real time. At our recent Design & Build Weekend here at the Evernote HQ, participating developers were able to create the first round of apps that tap into this network of information.  For inspiration, we recommend you browse some of these hacks, such as this running demo created by our very own Kentaro Suzuki. We’re excited to now open this access to the remainder of our developer community!

Get Your Vehicle API Key Today

If you are an Evernote developer and would like to work with the Vehicle API, it’s yours for the taking. Through a few easy steps, you can start innovating.

Step 1 – Register for an Evernote API Key 

If you already have an Evernote API key, great–you can move to step 2. If not, getting an Evernote API Key is simple. Navigate to the Evernote Developers homepage, and click “Get An API Key” in the top right corner. Fill out the appropriate information and click “Request Key.” You can also continue to explore the Evernote Developers homepage for a host of useful resources and guides.


Step 2 – Register for Access to the Vehicle API

Once you have an Evernote API key, you can head over to Honda SVL’s API portal. There, fill in all the required information, as well as your API consumer key. Once your request has been approved, you will soon receive an email with a copy of your Vehicle API key. From there, happy hacking!


Devcup 2013 and Beyond

This partnership with Honda SVL fits perfectly with Devcup 2013. As developers from around the world race to build the next generation of Evernote compatible apps, we encourage participants to integrate Honda’s Vehicle API into their projects. In addition, the Devcup team with the best Vehicle API integration will win the Honda Innovation Prize as a recognition for their innovative work.

But, this exclusive partnership will provide Evernote developers with long standing opportunity as well. As of today, any Evernote developer can beta test the Vehicle API and work towards a more efficient future of travel. We look forward to a suite of apps that pave the way towards innovation in the way we drive. Thanks to Honda Silicon Valley Lab, we are happy to provide this exciting opportunity to our developer community. So, travel well and start creating!

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