Devcup 2013 – Two Weeks Left!

Posted by Billy Ceskavich on 12 Jun 2013

Posted by Billy Ceskavich on 12 Jun 2013

Evernote DevcupThere are now only two weeks left to submit your apps to Devcup 2013! Our annual competition to highlight the best Evernote compatible apps that you can make, Devcup gives you the chance to win prizes and resources to help you continue your work. Submissions are due by 11:59 PM on June 28th, and the information below will help you get there.

Partners and Prizes Galore


This year we are proud to work with a number of partners who have helped provide new resources for Devcup participants. Honda Silicon Valley Lab, the high-tech research and development arm of Honda, has joined us as a worldwide partner for our development program. All Devcup participants have access to Honda’s new Vehicle API, and the team judged to have built the best integration will win the special Honda Innovation Award.

Another of our sponsors, Amazon Web Services Startups, has also provided generous resources for participating developers. Any developer who submits an app to Devcup will be awarded a $100 AWS credit to help host the apps built.

Guidelines and Extra Help

We want to see apps that stand out. So, we have put together a best practices guide that offers advice on how to create unique and definitive apps. Part of this process is the video demo due at the app submission deadline. The video is your chance to pitch your app and convince our judges that you deserve to move on to round two. As with any pitch, this takes concentrated effort. We expect videos that are concise, well edited, and persuasive.

Help Is Always There!

Not only do we anticipate great submissions, but we want to help you get to the finish line. Be sure to browse the Evernote Developers homepage, which is your source for information about working with the Evernote API. We’re also available to talk directly. Visit us on the developer and Devcup forums. Or, reach out to us on Twitter. And finally, don’t forget to read through the official competition rules!

Good luck. We’re ready to be wowed!

The Evernote Developer Team

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