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Posted by Billy Ceskavich on 13 Jun 2013

Posted by Billy Ceskavich on 13 Jun 2013

Last month, Evernote developers and designers traveled to Bogotá, Colombia to connect with the talented developer community for two Evernote technical workshops. The Evernote API team led a series of master classes that covered all aspects of building apps that sync with the Evernote Cloud Platform. The design team reviewed criteria for building memorable apps. Now, recordings of these workshops along with the presentation materials are available for our entire developer community!

Evernote API Workshops

Evernote has a free, public API that allows any developer to tap into our services. Through our API, your apps can access a users account to create and access notes. Our Bogotá workshops covered the core of the Evernote platform, including our mobile SDKs and working with Evernote on the web.

At Evernote, we enjoy working with unique apps that stand out on their own. In Bogotá, we also highlighted how to reach this goal: an app with its own, unique brand.  Our workshops cover both the design principles that make an app distinct and how we work to promote partners to success.

Scroll to the end of this post for a list of the talks given.

Devcup and Beyond


These workshops also serve as your resource for Devcup success. Our annual developer competition, Devcup awards prizes and resources to the best Evernote compatible apps submitted. From design principles to development guidelines, this series depicts what we look for in the Devcup submissions.

We are here to help you succeed. If you have more questions, check out the Evernote Developers homepage for more resources about the Evernote API. Browse our forums for advice from an active developer community. Or, reach out to us directly on Twitter or Facebook.

We hope these Evernote API workshops will aid you in your development endeavors. Check back soon for even more resources on how to make great Evernote compatible apps!

Intro to Evernote for Developers – Chris Traganos

Slides [PDF]

Overview of the Evernote API – Mustafa Furniturewala

Slides [PDF]

Intro to Evernote on the Web – Mustafa Furniturewala

Slides [PDF]

Design Workshop for Developers – Chris Traganos

Slides [PDF]

Android & iOS Code Walkthrough – Mustafa Furniturewala

Developer Promotion at Evernote – Chris Traganos

Slides [PDF]

The Evernote Developer Relations Team

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