Design & Build Weekend Workshops Now Available

Posted by Billy Ceskavich on 28 Jun 2013

Posted by Billy Ceskavich on 28 Jun 2013

Design and Build Weekend

The Honda Evernote Design & Build Weekend

Today, we are happy to announce another series of workshops for Evernote developers, available on our YouTube page now. After months of traveling throughout the world to engage with our avid developer community, we decided to bring the activities back home. In the first weekend of June, we held the first hackathon at our headquarters: the Honda Evernote Design & Build Weekend.

At this hackathon we hosted a variety of workshops covering all aspects of working with Evernote. We also held workshops on the APIs of several hackathon supporters. Design and Build Weekend sponsor Honda Silicon Valley Lab introduced its Vehicle API to the audience. In addition, teams from Node SensorsLeap Motion, and Amazon Web Services all gave talks on their developer resources.

These interactive talks are all available below.

Devcup 2013 & Beyond

These recorded workshops are another helpful resource for the Evernote Devcup. Over 100 teams have already submitted apps to our annual competition. Each year, we seek the best Evernote compatible apps produced by the developer community.

Still, it is not too late to submit! With the Devcup submission deadline recently extended to Friday, July 5th, there is still time to fine tune viable projects. These workshops will provide the tools necessary to work with the Evernote API and many of our Devcup sponsors.

More Resources Online

We have other great resources online as well for all Evernote developers. If you are interested in working towards a Devcup 2013 submission, be sure to look through our rules and best practices guide. Or, join us on the developer forums, where we are ready to answer your last minute questions.

If you are new to the Evernote developer community, welcome! Be sure to review our developer homepage, which is filled with a introductory guides to working with Evernote. We are social creatures as well, so feel free to reach out to us via emailTwitter, or Facebook.

We are proud to provide useful resources to our community of developers and designers. Be sure to check back online as we continue to release similar videos in the future!

Intro to Evernote for Developers – Chris Traganos & Seth Hitchings

Intro to Front End Design – Chris Traganos

Python + Evernote: Advanced API Workshop – Brett Kelly

The Vehicle API – Honda Silicon Valley Lab

Leap Motion API Workshop

Node Sensor API Workshop

Developing with Amazon Web Services – John Reif


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