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Posted by sdossett on 08 Aug 2013

Posted by sdossett on 08 Aug 2013

One of the ways to get content into your Evernote account is by sending email to your personal Evernote email address. This Knowledge Base Article has all the details if you haven’t used this feature of our product.

messageflowJust before the summer, we updated this feature with new anti-spam and antivirus capabilities. While the amount of malware directed to this portion of our service is usually minimal, we wanted to add some additional protection for our users.

Along with updates to our internal network, we’re using technology from Sophos for this enhancement. The new email message flow includes common features such as additional denial of service and harvesting protections, blocking mail from non-existent domains, blocking connections from some IP addresses based on their reputation using the Sophos Classification service, automated content analysis for spam filtering, blocking email that contains viruses, and much more.

If an email is flagged as spam or containing a virus, we prevent that message from creating a note in your account so that you’re never exposed to threats identified by the service.

No anti-spam solution is perfect so false positives can happen in some rare cases. If you are concerned that your emailed notes are improperly filtered, please contact our support team.

Sample Mail Classification


Thus far we’re pleased with the results and wanted to let you know about the update with this post. The included chart is a sample of message classification over several days. In the chart, blocked connections, viruses, and spam represent filtered messages.

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