The Evernote Conference for Developers and Designers

The Evernote Conference for Developers and Designers

Posted by Billy Ceskavich on 08 Aug 2013

Posted by Billy Ceskavich on 08 Aug 2013

One of Evernote’s greatest strengths is community. An integral part of this global reach are the developers and designers who craft new apps and services that enhance the Evernote platform.

Each year, we host the Evernote Conference to bring together this community, educate each other on the power of Evernote, and discuss the future of our service. On September 26th and 27th, the Evernote Conference will return. Join us for the Evernote Conference in San Francisco this year for a series of inspiring talks, sessions, and workshops.

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The Evernote Conference + Evernote Developers

The Evernote Conference is for developers and designers–we want to see you there. Our conference is your chance to meet the employees and fellow third party development teams that fuel the growth of the Evernote platform.

We have crafted sessions and workshops tailored for Evernote developers and designers. At the conference we will treat you to a series of developer and designer centric sessions. Join us for talks from internal and external developer teams, ranging from general discussion to highly technical reviews of building with Evernote. In addition, the Evernote Platform Team will host in-person office hours to connect with attendees directly–all are welcome!

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Annual Programs: Devcup and More

Also at the Evernote Conference, we will continue with the programs that power our outreach to the developer and designer community. Join us as we conclude our annual competition, the Evernote Devcup. Teams submitted over 180 apps and services this year that help expand the Evernote experience. At the conference the six finalists will pitch their apps for the Gold, Silver, and Bronze prizes.

As our largest annual event comes to a close, we will also launch a new chapter: the Evernote Accelerator. Join us as we announce the first class in our intensive, month-long incubator program.

In all, we hope you will join us as we continue to expand the purpose of Evernote for developers and designers.

Join Us

You can claim your seat at the Evernote Conference today right here. In addition, check out the Evernote Conference homepage, where you can view the updated schedule events for this September.

We are excited to see some familiar faces this year, and we look forward to getting to know many new ones as well. See you all this fall in San Francisco!

EC3 – The Evernote Conference // September 26th-27th, 2013 // San Francisco, CA

The Evernote Platform Team

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