EC3 Preview: Evernote API and the Semantic Web – Building Context Booster

Posted by on 06 Sep 2013

Posted by on 06 Sep 2013


As a connected cloud platform, Evernote is designed to help you remember everything. We believe that augmenting your notes with research from the Internet allows for a deep understanding on focused topics. Join us at the Evernote Conference as Sebastian Küpers delivers a workshop presentation on Context Booster, our Berlin hackathon winning app and Devcup finalist!

context_boosterContext Booster is a powerful augmented intelligence tool for discovery and research. As an Evernote add-on, Context Booster scours the web for content relevant to your notes and populates your notebooks with information to help in the research process.

Hear how Context Booster processes structured data, disambiguates entities, and builds relevancy using the semantic web and the Evernote API.

Sebastian Küpers (@pixelsbi) is the co-founder of the Otherland Group, a Berlin Based startup that is focused on implicit search, the semantic web, and building machine learning tools. As an entrepreneur and developer, his team won the Evernote & Deutsche Telekom Hackathon this year and was chosen as an Evernote Devcup app finalist to pitch at the conference.

Join us on Friday, September 27th at 4:00pm when Sebastian takes the stage. Register now to be a part of this special presentation!

This year’s Evernote Conference will be two days of great talks, in-depth sessions and focused workshops designed to inspire, educate and connect our amazing global community. You can view the full line up of the conference at our website: http://evernote.com/ec/

Get your 1 or 2 day tickets for the Evernote Conference:

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[VIDEO] Context Booster for Evernote from The Otherland Group on Vimeo.

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