EC3 Preview: Augmented Intelligence Talk

Posted by on 18 Sep 2013

Posted by on 18 Sep 2013


The Evernote Conference (EC3) is next week and we want to give you a peek at interesting talks and sessions you’ll be seeing there. Today we’d like to take a closer look at a talk about intelligent experiences at EC3 titled “Augmented Intelligence: Your Mind as the Most Important Device” hosted by our VP of Augmented Intelligence, Mark Ayzenshtat, and Zeesha Currimbhoy, Senior Software Engineer on the AI team.

Here at Evernote, we are obsessed with creating products and experiences that allow you to live better and work smarter. No matter how you use Evernote, we want the experience of using it to feel magical – like it’s finishing your sentences. We’re on a mission to develop these connections between all the bits of information you keep in Evernote and expose them to you in a way that feels intuitive, personal, and intelligent.

Mark Ayzenshtat (@shtat) and Zeesha Currimbhoy (@zeeshac) of our Augmented Intelligence team will talk on how they build smart experiences for millions of users while putting privacy first. They’ll talk through the challenge of building products to serve an incredibly wide user base while making each user feel that the product understands their unique traits and behaviors.

Why do we use the term Augmented Intelligence to describe what we do here at Evernote? Mark and Zeesha explain how, instead of building systems to mimic human thought, we’re focused on augmenting the processes that people already excel at for a better, more natural experience with the product.

Mark and Zeesha will also discuss the future of search, and how we’re working to maximize the time people spend with their ideas. How do we make searching smarter, or avoid search altogether and help anticipate what a user wants before they even have to ask?

We hope you’ll join us at the Evernote Conference for this exciting session. Click the register button below to get your tickets now!


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