Announcing the Evernote App Center

Posted by Rafe Needleman on 26 Sep 2013

Posted by Rafe Needleman on 26 Sep 2013


Today Evernote is upgrading the catalog of applications and services that work on the Evernote Platform. We’re launching the Evernote App Center. This new directory replaces The Trunk. It offers users a better experience for finding and learning about the products that developers are building.

The big change as we move to the App Center is focus. The App Center is designed to highlight only the software and services that users can access immediately. Its new design features improved hero graphics for the apps in it, and better pages explaining each product. We’re also creating collections of apps so users looking for Evernote add-ons in a category get see related products all together. Check out the sample collections Travel and Productivity, for example.

Only apps and services that we have approved will be in the App Center. We will continue to work with developers to improve apps that are submitted to the App Center so visitors only see the best apps in this directory.

We will be promoting App Center products in our social feeds, on the Evernote main blog, and in the new and compelling in-app Announcements feeds. Again, we’ll work with developers to make sure we promote the best apps at the best times.

The App Center isn’t the only place that products for the Evernote ecosystem will be listed. Today Evernote is also announcing the Evernote Market, a new in-app store that will directly sell products that enhance the Evernote lifestyle. We will work intensively with a few select vendors to get products into The Market in the future.

We are excited about the new App Center. We think its new, clear name, its laser focus on independent apps, and the associated marketing we’ll be doing for App Center products will all drive interest to your Evernote integrations. We look forward to working with you as we launch and grow this new catalog.

The new Evernote App Center.

The new Evernote App Center.

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  • Francis Norton

    I’m surprised that there is no obvious way of for users to search the app store. Is this intentional?

  • Brandon Taylor

    Congrats on launching the App Center. It is awesome to see a company that enjoys making tools to make our lives easier. This is my passion as well, and hopefully I will see one of my apps in your app center some day.

    Nice work.