Demo Day & The Evernote Accelerator Recap

Posted by on 02 Jan 2014

Posted by on 02 Jan 2014


The Evernote cloud platform is used by thousands of apps and millions of our users take advantage of the collection of great apps that work with Evernote.

This fall, we pulled together all available resources and launched the Evernote Accelerator. This intensive 4 week program had a singular focus: to support the top Devcup apps as they build great ways to sync with the Evernote cloud platform.

From Devcup to Accelerator
During the majority of 2013, the Evernote Devcup was opportunity to find and promote new apps that work with Evernote. We travelled around the world in search of top developers and existing startups willing to build interesting ways to save any form of content, files, etc into Evernote. After months of judging and community voting, we had 6 handpicked teams:

These 6 teams spent their summer improving their apps and traveling to our Evernote conference to show off their products.

The Evernote Accelerator – 4 weeks in Silicon Valley

For any startup that builds great apps that sync with Evernote, we want to ensure they get great support from our team. For the 6 startups in the Evernote Accelerator, our goal was to introduce them to our friends, start up connections, resources, and advisors that can help them build their apps on a strong foundation.

Multiple ways we support these startups include:

Partners for the Evernote Accelerator
We are proud to have 3 strong partners that supported all the teams in getting the best Silicon Valley experience possible.


  • Wayra Global Accelerator – a worldwide innovation arm of Telefonica, that actively seeks out and finds new startups to bring to market.
  • Honda Silicon Valley Lab – The R&D group within Honda that finds new technologies to developer and integrate with their family of products.
  • Docomo Innovation – The Japanese telecom group works to support new startups that can bring value to their large community of customers.

We believe many of the teams are on their way to having a strong, viable product for users to enjoy and use regularly. Already several of the teams are closing their seed rounds of funding and formalizing partnership deals for exposure to users in new markets.

As the new year begins, we continue to actively mentor and support these apps, in addition to encouraging our community to extend their Evernote experience with them. Go ahead and try out these apps for yourself!

We look forward to a similar program next year as we fill the App Center with great apps that save content into Evernote.

As a recap, here are some new product videos from the Accelerator teams:

BONUS : Check out the Accelerator photo journal: http://eacc2013.postach.io/

Download the Evernote Accelerator 2013 Demo Day Guide [PDF]


Special thanks to Josh and Andrew for the Demo Day highlight video!

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