AirPair Launches Evernote Community Powered API Live Help

Posted by Chris Traganos on 03 Mar 2014

Posted by Chris Traganos on 03 Mar 2014

Our developer community is broad and full of solid engineers building ways to save and share content with Evernote. We want help companies find top level support for the Evernote API within a straightforward directory.


Today we launched our Evernote community expert channel on AirPair. We look forward to referring our top community developers for projects involving integrating the Evernote API into your products.

About AirPair

AirPair is a high quality network of software experts on the web that assists developers to quickly overcome any software challenge or learn a new technology. Their experts have a deep knowledge across many technology stacks and solutions (Hadoop, iOS, SAP integration, MongoDB sharding, etc). AirPair accelerates software development by “pairing” experts with customers in real-time via video and screen sharing – leading to better software, produced faster, and at lower costs.

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