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Monthly archives for April 2014:

Dashboarding with Open Source Tools

As a member of the Analytics team at Evernote, my working life revolves entirely around data. Evernote saves and maintains a vast and growing amount of data on the usage of our service. One of the biggest challenges that we … Continue reading

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Wearables Update: Evernote for Pebble Now with Cyrillic and Image Support (Really!)

The following is a behind the scenes walkthrough on our latest updates for Evernote for Pebble by our lead wearables engineer, Damian Mehers. For our announcement of Evernote for Pebble, click here. Since the initial release of the Evernote app … Continue reading

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Indexing Handwritten Images: From Latin to CJK

With the recent addition of Chinese support, Evernote Recognition System (ENRS) indexes handwritten notes in 24 languages. Each time we add another language, we have to overcome new challenges specific to the particular alphabet and style of writing. Continue reading


In depth: Descriptive Search in Evernote

The following is a behind the scenes walkthrough of Descriptive Search within Evernote by our Augmented Intelligence Engineer, Adam Walz. For our public announcement of Descriptive Search, click here. Evernote has always had a great keyword search experience being able to surface notes … Continue reading

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