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Building Apache Thrift on Mac OS X

If you follow this blog, you’re already well aware that the Evernote API is built on the Apache Thrift framework. Our client SDKs give you everything you need to use the API, so most developers don’t actually have to understand much about … Continue reading


Security enhancements for third party authentication

The security and privacy of our users’ data is our top priority. This is reflected in our three laws of data protection, and it’s reflected in the way that we design our service and the products that access it. As a … Continue reading


Building apps, Metro style

A bit over a year ago we started working on Evernote for Windows Phone 7. The first task was to get our C# SDK working in Silverlight so that we could access the Evernote API. Our API is built on Apache … Continue reading

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A Peek Inside Evernote’s New App

Yesterday, we released Evernote Peek, the world’s first app that’s controlled using the iPad 2 Smart Cover. We aren’t letting ourselves submit entries into the Evernote Developer Competition (pay yourself first?), but Peek is an excellent example of the type of app … Continue reading

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Cash for Trunkers

Dave recently wrote a detailed post on why our API is built on Apache Thrift. With that as a background, I’d like to give you an introduction to why we have an open API, and what we hope that developers like … Continue reading