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The Care and Feeding of Elephants

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Securing Impala for analysts

We’ve previously described the Hadoop/Hive data warehouse we built in 2012 to store and process the HTTP access logs (450M records/day) and structured application event logs (170M events/day) that are generated by our service. This setup is still working well for us, … Continue reading


Dashboarding with Open Source Tools

As a member of the Analytics team at Evernote, my working life revolves entirely around data. Evernote saves and maintains a vast and growing amount of data on the usage of our service. One of the biggest challenges that we … Continue reading

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Billions (of API requests) Served

Evernote stores hundreds of terabytes of online data in order to preserve our users’ memories. Over the last four years, 36.8 million people have created Evernote accounts, and together have uploaded more than 1.2 billion notes with more than 2 billion attachments. … Continue reading