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The Care and Feeding of Elephants

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How to upgrade 50M+ user indexes to a new search engine without anybody noticing

Chances are good that you have more notes in your Evernote account than can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Luckily, even if you have tens of thousands of notes, that one note you are looking for is just … Continue reading


Lucene: We Got Some Explaining to Do

[I was originally going to go with "I Love Lucene", but did a quick Google search and found that TheServerSide beat me to it...] As we mentioned in our architectural overview post, the data from each note is spread across … Continue reading


Android moves to the tablet

Tablets and Fragments on Android We just released Evernote for Android optimized for tablets.  The same APK runs on the phone and tablet, we’ve just customized the look and feel based on the device.  This post will explain the process … Continue reading


Fast String Handling: A Frayed Knot

Evernote’s servers process a lot of data for our users. At any given time, a shard may be performing different activities for different clients. For example: Constructing dynamic web pages for user accounts Performing API calls on notebooks, tags, etc. … Continue reading

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