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The Care and Feeding of Elephants

Operations” blog posts:

Shards Over Easy

In previous Operations architectural posts, we discussed an overview of the Evernote service, as well as a deeper dive into the improvements we’ve made to our NoteStore “shard” server infrastructure.  These NoteStore shards provide the virtual home for our users, … Continue reading

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Evernote and POODLE

Yesterday, Google researchers announced a vulnerability in version 3.0 of the SSL protocol. Google’s advanced acronym-generation algorithm dubbed this issue POODLE (for “Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption”). Even though the SSL 3.0 protocol has been superseded by secure alternatives … Continue reading


Inside Evernote: Garrett Plasky

How is Operations handled here at Evernote? Operations at Evernote is fast-paced and rewarding. We have a project-oriented workflow and superb coverage of infrastructure supporting Ops. We routinely collaborate for problem assistance via white-boarding (on the walls, no less!) and … Continue reading

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Stages of Denial

At 2:33pm on Tuesday afternoon (Pacific Time), an attacker began a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) against Evernote’s servers. At normal times, Evernote receives around 0.4 Gbps of incoming traffic and transmits out around 1.2 Gbps. We have a diverse … Continue reading


Securing Impala for analysts

We’ve previously described the Hadoop/Hive data warehouse we built in 2012 to store and process the HTTP access logs (450M records/day) and structured application event logs (170M events/day) that are generated by our service. This setup is still working well for us, … Continue reading


Synchronization Speedupification

Memory Lane When we designed our synchronization protocol way back in 2007, we wanted to make sure that a client could use a minimal number of network requests to find all of the content in the user’s account, or only of the relevant changes … Continue reading


Inside Evernote: Phil Jensen

Phil Jensen is a Principal Deployment Engineer at Evernote and is a member of the Operations team. Phil helps keep the service running in top form, working closely with the development team. How is Operations handled here at Evernote? We … Continue reading

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Graphite at Evernote – Open Source Release

In July I wrote about how we use Graphite at Evernote and the enhancements we made for our environment. These changes include templated dashboards, multi-device templated dashboards, and UI adjustments. The addition of templated dashboards allows us to create and … Continue reading

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@m.evernote.com Update

One of the ways to get content into your Evernote account is by sending email to your personal Evernote email address. This Knowledge Base Article has all the details if you haven’t used this feature of our product. Just before … Continue reading

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Graphite at Evernote

Like many Operations teams, we love metrics here at Evernote. Also like many Operations teams, we’ve all used a lot of tools over the years that provide solutions in this space. Often we find products that work, but aren’t exactly … Continue reading

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