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The Care and Feeding of Elephants

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Earlier we discussed our selection of FreeRADIUS + OpenLDAP to do TOTP. Now for the good part: how this system is setup. As mentioned earlier, we use LDAP as the general data store for user information. Since LDAP is traditionally … Continue reading

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FreeRADIUS + OpenLDAP Based TOTP Part 1

Two-factor authentication (also known as two-step verification or 2FA) is essentially a must-have these days for critical infrastructure. The benefits and reasons why are well documented on our recent blog posts and elsewhere around the internet. Here at Evernote Operations, … Continue reading

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New version of Debian is released

On May 4th 2013, the Debian team released a new version (7.0) code named ‘Wheezy.’ This is a significant update and the Evernote Operations team is very excited about qualifying it for use in the near future. We are currently … Continue reading

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Network Debugging for Evernote on Mobile Clients

As a network engineer responsible for Evernote’s data center infrastructure, I help make sure the network is fast, secure, and always running. I also help debug intermittent and obscure network problems that affect a population of users, like synchronization failures … Continue reading

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Elephant Factory

Matt’s “Automatic Memory Machine” post described our installation progress that we use to deploy servers at Evernote.  I’d like to talk a little bit about our configuration and software deployment processes. Service Post-Installation Once servers have been installed at our … Continue reading


Inside Evernote: Vineet Wadhwa

Vineet Wadhwa is a Quality Assurance Engineer at Evernote, leading the QA efforts for our desktop platforms: Mac, Windows, and Windows 8. He’s been  busy lately, as the developer teams are preparing for the release of a major update to … Continue reading


Protecting your data: the broken drives edition

In our blog post “Evernote’s Three Laws of Data Protection”, Phil touches on some of the measures we take to protect your data and our goal of being a trusted place for it. There is much more we do, so … Continue reading


Automatic Memory Machine

Evernote’s Operations department has spent a great deal of effort automating our server installs. I wanted to spend some time sharing this work and provide some hints if anyone else is interested in doing the same. If you review our … Continue reading


Shard Boiled

In our architectural overview post last May, we gave a high-level description of the “shard” servers we use for both data storage and application logic. Since Evernote is a personal memory service rather than a social network, we can easily … Continue reading



When we describe our overall service architecture to smart people who have been involved in other big services, the two most common questions are: Why is your structured data stored in SQL databases instead of something like [big-data, web-scale, No-SQL … Continue reading