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In depth: Descriptive Search in Evernote

The following is a behind the scenes walkthrough of Descriptive Search within Evernote by our Augmented Intelligence Engineer, Adam Walz. For our public announcement of Descriptive Search, click here. Evernote has always had a great keyword search experience being able to surface notes … Continue reading

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Protecting your data: the broken drives edition

In our blog post “Evernote’s Three Laws of Data Protection”, Phil touches on some of the measures we take to protect your data and our goal of being a trusted place for it. There is much more we do, so … Continue reading


Automatic Memory Machine

Evernote’s Operations department has spent a great deal of effort automating our server installs. I wanted to spend some time sharing this work and provide some hints if anyone else is interested in doing the same. If you review our … Continue reading



When we describe our overall service architecture to smart people who have been involved in other big services, the two most common questions are: Why is your structured data stored in SQL databases instead of something like [big-data, web-scale, No-SQL … Continue reading


Even Grittier Details on Evernote’s Indexing System

Alex’s earlier article on Evernote’s image recognition component touched on a lot of its service-level functionality — what it is, how it works, and what it provides in relation to the Evernote platform as a whole. In this post, I’ll … Continue reading

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Evernote Indexing System

Evernote Indexing System is designed to extend Evernote search capabilities beyond text documents into media files. Its task is to peruse through those files and bring any textual information into the searchable domain. Currently it processes images/PDFs and digital ink … Continue reading

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A Digest of Evernote’s Architecture (*)

Let’s get things started with a coarse-grained overview of the physical makeup of the Evernote service. I won’t go into a lot of detail on each component here; we’ll aim to talk about the interesting bits in separate posts later. … Continue reading



Hello, and welcome to Evernote’s new technology blog.  Our main company blog is a great place to learn what we do, and this is the place where we’ll talk about how we do it (and, occasionally, why…). This will include tidbits … Continue reading