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Evernote and POODLE

Yesterday, Google researchers announced a vulnerability in version 3.0 of the SSL protocol. Google’s advanced acronym-generation algorithm dubbed this issue POODLE (for “Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption”). Even though the SSL 3.0 protocol has been superseded by secure alternatives … Continue reading


Using DMARC to Fight Email Spam

Since January of this year, we’ve observed spammers launching campaigns using our name. We want you to be confident that emails from Evernote really come from us. We’ve made positive steps toward ensuring this by publishing an enforcing DMARC policy. Continue reading

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Evernote Strengthens Privacy Position with New Security Capabilities

We believe your data is yours and should be protected.  As part of that commitment, we’ve added two new encryption capabilities that improve the security of your data when it travels across our network and the Internet.  We’ve launched inter-data … Continue reading

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