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Updates From EC3: The Devcup Finalists

The Evernote Conference is our annual event for developers, designers, and our avid community of users. Among the many talks, panels, and workshops we have put together, attendees can help shape the exciting conclusion to the 2013 Evernote Devcup. The … Continue reading


EC3 Preview: Evernote API and the Semantic Web – Building Context Booster

As a connected cloud platform, Evernote is designed to help you remember everything. We believe that augmenting your notes with research from the Internet allows for a deep understanding on focused topics. Join us at the Evernote Conference as Sebastian … Continue reading

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Enhancing the Evernote Food Recipe Classifier

By Clint Burford, Machine Learning Software Engineer at Evernote All the way back in December 2012 we launched Food 2.0 and its “My Cookbook” feature with the ability to find and display recipes that had previously been added via the … Continue reading

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Announcing Evernote Developer Office Hours

Over the past year, we have hosted meet-ups, hackathons, and expert workshops throughout the world. In short, we strive to connect with the developers and designers that power the Evernote platform. Today, we are happy to announce a new effort … Continue reading

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Devcup 2013 – Two Weeks Left!

There are now only two weeks left to submit your apps to Devcup 2013! Our annual competition to highlight the best Evernote compatible apps that you can make, Devcup gives you the chance to win prizes and resources to help you continue your … Continue reading

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Honda Vehicle API Now Available

In the past several months, we have partnered with Honda Silicon Valley Lab to provide our developer community with new opportunities. As a sponsor of Devcup 2013 and the Evernote Accelerator, Honda SVL is helping developers produce the next generation of … Continue reading

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Ruby and Python SDK Updates – Introducing Kentaro Suzuki

By Kentaro Suzuki, Developer Advocate at Evernote The Evernote Platform team builds sample code and SDKs for many programming languages. In response to a growing number of developers building Ruby and Python applications using our API, I have made some … Continue reading

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Third party authentication – transition to OAuth complete!

To improve the security of apps built on our API, we set a goal back in April of this year to work with our development partners to transition apps using username and password authentication to OAuth by November 1st. Thank … Continue reading

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Password Safety Reminder

Last week, our systems detected a sequence of login attempts to Evernote from a single web browser at IP addresses that appeared to originate from Italy. Each attempt sent a unique username and password combination. Some of these usernames were … Continue reading


Outage Details

Tonight, our planned 15-20 minute service window turned into a full two hour outage. We regret the problems that this may have caused for some of you and wanted to provide a little more technical detail here. As we mentioned … Continue reading