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Wearables Update: Evernote for Pebble Now with Cyrillic and Image Support (Really!)

The following is a behind the scenes walkthrough on our latest updates for Evernote for Pebble by our lead wearables engineer, Damian Mehers. For our announcement of Evernote for Pebble, click here. Since the initial release of the Evernote app … Continue reading

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Reactive Cocoa and the Evernote iOS SDK

Async Chaining The Evernote SDK for iOS has a block based api, so that developers can perform network tasks in the background. Callbacks are a nice way to do async operations but when multiple callbacks are nested, code quickly becomes … Continue reading

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Evernote SDK for Android v1.1 – Asynchronous API Wrappers, Business & China Support

Since the 1.0 release of our Android SDK, we’ve gotten quite a bit of feedback from the community and we’ve been hard at work to make the SDK much easier to use. In this release we’ve added enhanced developer tools … Continue reading

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New JavaScript SDK for Evernote Developers

Co-written by Mustafa Furniturewala, iOS Software Engineer and Josh Mangum, Senior Software Engineer   Providing developers with great tools is one of our favorite things to do. During the last few months several of our developers needed better access to … Continue reading

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Evernote SDK for iOS Updates – Improved login flow, Evernote for iOS integration, and more

Since our last major¬†update, we have made several improvements for developers building iOS apps for Evernote. In addition to developer tools, we have an enhanced login flow for Evernote users already logged into our app. Extending Evernote for iOS app … Continue reading

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Ruby and Python SDK Updates – Introducing Kentaro Suzuki

By Kentaro Suzuki, Developer Advocate at Evernote The Evernote Platform team builds sample code and SDKs for many programming languages. In response to a growing number of developers building Ruby and Python applications using our API, I have made some … Continue reading

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