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6 Partners that Work with Evernote Business

6 Partners that Work with Evernote Business

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 12 Feb 2013

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 12 Feb 2013

In just two short months, there’s been a lot of news about Evernote Business, including its adoption by over 2,000 companies worldwide, the addition of numerous new features, and the recently announced expansion to 26 new European countries. Today, we’re also pleased to introduce the first group of partners from the Evernote Trunk that have integrated their products with Evernote Business.

You may already know these products from using them with your personal Evernote account. Now you can use them with Evernote Business to share and keep data with your work team. These partners bring additional functionality to Evernote Business and highlight great use cases that will benefit any business.

Check out the round-up below, and stay tuned for in-depth blog posts on each partner in our upcoming Evernote Business Partners series.

Increase Efficiency

FileThis Fetch
FileThis Fetch automatically retrieves online bank statements, credit card bills, and utility bills, then files them in a Business Notebook. Accounting departments can easily access these statements without having to log in to each vendor site, and the statements will be available even after an account is closed. Your company will never lose a statement and can be a step closer to going paperless. Download FileThis Fetch from the Evernote Trunk →
KustomNote lets you create custom templates or choose from an assortment of included templates that structure notes, and control what kind of information is saved in a Business Note. Use KustomNote to create input fields for budget requests, requisition forms, project specs, and more to ensure all the necessary information is captured every time. Read our blog post on KustomNote →
If you need two apps to work together, Zapier provides a simple drag and drop interface to link actions. For example, when a new contact is made in Highrise, a new bug logged in Jira, or an attendee joins your event on Eventbrite, use Zapier to have the details automatically saved in an Business Notebook for your team to manage. You can also have an Business Note trigger an action, such as syncing notes about customers with Salesforce. Download Zapier from the Evernote Trunk →

For Collaboration

For collaboration and managing projects as a group, Azendoo lets your team share a “working space”, where they can send messages, assign tasks, and pull in Business Notes for reference or details. The note is dynamic so if you update it within Evernote Business, the pulled note in Azendoo will also be updated. You can save your task list to Evernote, too. Use Azendoo to keep your team in sync and Evernote Business to keep information accessible. Download Azendoo from the Evernote Trunk →
A 2012 DevCup finalist, LiveMinutes is real-time note editing and collaboration for groups. Create an online meeting where you can video chat and easily share notes from Evernote Business to edit or annotate together. Once done, the updated version will be saved back to Evernote Business. Edit a press release, go over finances to create budgets, or finalize a product design in real-time with your team. Download LiveMinutes in the Evernote Trunk →
UberConference is a visual conference call service that makes it easy to see who is attending or talking. No more wasted time trying to figure out if all attendees are on the call or guessing who’s voice is who’s. Use UberConference with Evernote Business to share notes with everyone on the call. UberConfernce will also show you related notes, based on the call subject or who is attending, making it easier to find the notes you need. Download UberConference in the Evernote Trunk →

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