Save Time by Documenting Processes

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Save Time by Documenting Processes

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 27 May 2014

Posted by Joshua Zerkel on 27 May 2014

Whether your business is a one-person shop or a multinational corporation, it’s very likely that you have a number of repetitive processes you go through on a regular basis. Some of these tasks could include preparing reports, submitting expenses, ordering office supplies, or responding to customers. Whether big or small, Evernote is the place to document your processes and maintain consistency.

Streamline scripts and FAQs. Do you open sales calls a certain way or respond to email inquiries with the same answers every time? Create a Shared Business Notebook for “Scripts” and add a note for each of the phone scripts, email templates, or FAQs that your team uses regularly. Share this notebook with anyone who needs them. For even faster access, add them to your Shortcuts.

Create clear instructions. Beyond creating standards for communication, it’s also important to document routine tasks for your business. Create a “Processes and Procedures” Shared Business Notebook where you can document steps and workflows. Avoid potential confusion by creating notes with checklists outlining the explicit steps team members need to follow to complete each process.

Use the power of images to help illustrate items on your checklist. Showing team members where to click is a lot easier then telling them. This works wonders for screen-based workflows.


Take screenshots of a workflow with Skitch and mark them up with arrows, numerals, and text to show how your team can complete a detailed task step-by-step how to perform an important task, then add this note to your “Processes and Procedures” Notebook.


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  • Ana

    Hey this is very relevant to my business! This post about saving time by documenting processes is I think very helpful for my business right now because I really need to have proper storage and easy access on all valuable documentation and complicated business processes of my business.

    Thanks for taking time sharing your ideas about business processes documentation!