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Paperless Productivity With Evernote & Pocket

Posted by Jamie Todd Rubin on 06 Feb 2015

Posted by Jamie Todd Rubin on 06 Feb 2015

Evernote provides many different tools to capture and save web content. From our own Web Clipper to integrations like Feedly and Pocket,

Freelance author and paperless expert Jamie Todd Rubin recently wrote about his process for curating important content while keeping Evernote clutter-free.

This post is an excerpt from Jamie’s blog post about his productivity setup with Evernote and Pocket. 

I needed a better way of getting what I wanted to keep in Evernote, but at the same time, keep Evernote clutter-free. Eventually, I came up with a process that has been working very well for me. It involves using Pocket, a “save for later” service like Instapaper. With Pocket, you can grab links, images, and videos and save them for later. Pocket also removes the clutter from the articles and presents them in an easy-to read format. Lots of applications integrate with Pocket, making it easy to send articles and other items. Best of all, you can send items from Pocket to Evernote.

I use Pocket as a kind of intermediary clearing house for web research and clippings. Illustrated, my process looks something like this:

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 2.43.46 PM

Here’s how to setup the process in four simple steps:

1. Save to Pocket

I do most of my reading and research online using one of three tools, Twitter, Feedly, or Chrome. I use Echofon as my Twitter client on my iPhone, which allows me to send Tweets containing links I’m interested in reading directly to pocket. Like this:


2. Review (curate) articles in Pocket

I tend to review my articles in Pocket when I have small pockets of free time, which means I do this almost entirely on my iPhone. I’ll open up the Pocket app, skip some articles, read and read others in their entirety.

Tip: Use Pocket as an article curator and then sort the ones you want to save into Evernote. You can use Pocket to read, archive, or delete articles. If you have valuable ones that you will reference later, save those into your Evernote.

Here is what Pocket looks like on my iPhone:


3. Send to Evernote

It’s very easy to send to Evernote from Pocket. You need to configure Pocket to send to your Evernote account, but that is a one-time process. Once you’ve done that. you click on the article, then click on the standard “Send To” button, after which you will see a list of options:


Next, I click the Evernote option and I’m prompted for some additional information about how I want to file the item in Evernote:


Tip: From here, add a title to your note, select a notebook, add tags, and even include additional notes of your own. The resulting note ends up in Evernote.

Productivity Bundle

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 3.13.56 PM

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  • Neil Fraser

    This is a great workflow and one that I’m trying to implement myself (with the addition of Reeder for iOS and OSX). The problem with it though is that when you send an article from pocket to Evernote, you loose all of the paragraph formatting. Is there a fix for this?

  • Giacomo Lawrance

    Its a pity you can’t do this on the Chrome app.

  • David

    There are a number of useful IFTT recipes that automate the storage of everything sent to Pocket into Evernote.

    • Taylor Pipes

      David, thanks for sharing those. Another user here was commenting about being able to share those articles to social networks like LinkedIn. Any advice for that?

      • Marino

        If IFTTT doesn’t include the connection app/feature you are looking for, check zapier

  • Ed Henry

    I use Everclip in place of Pocket for this process and it seems to work well.
    One thing I have a problem with is LinkedIn. There does not seem to be any way to copy a post to anything which is a real pain.
    Does anyone have any solution for this?

  • Ahmad Imran

    Great tip. I use Evernote but never tried the Pocket. Going to try this combination to see how it works.

  • Sailesh

    I think you can in Chrome on iOS using the Share button and Save to Pocket

  • Michael

    It would be great if one could access the tags created in Evernote directly from pocket, currently I just have to guess and insert multiple tags, separated with commas.

  • Simon

    Frankly, I’ve tried this workflow a few times now and it’s just not very efficient. As great as Pocket is, it’s far easier to save directly to Evernote (which is particularly easy with Feedly Pro) and cut out the middle man. What’s the benefit of saving to Pocket first? The only advantage I can see is that Pocket supports video, where Evernote does not, but in that case you’re still only saving to one destination.

    • John

      I find that the Feedly – Pocket – Evernote workflow works really well. Feedly acts as my data collection. Then I sort it out by the headlines. I can usually tell if I’m interested or not. If I’m interested I throw it into pocket, if not I get rid of it. This is a super fast process and one I prefer to do on my phone. When I have more time I’ll read the articles I know I’m interested in in Pocket. Pocket also makes it easy to bulk tag articles so I can read all of one topic at a time. If I think the article is worth saving I will send it to Evernote. The tag from Pocket will also be used in Evernote. It works extremely well!

  • Walt

    I’m extremely new to Evernote! I also use pocket which my son in law turned me on to over the Christmas holiday.

    I’ve just rediscovered Evernote today and really hope that it’s everything it’s cracked up to be.

    I ordered a kind of “How To” book on Amazon tonight that I’m hoping will lead me to the promised land as I am the “EOD” (Emperor Of Disorganization!) I’m going to wait until the book gets to me before I begin to use “Evernote”

    just so I don’t screw it up and turn my back on it.

    Any advice from regular users of the program would be welcome and appreciated.

    • Taylor Pipes

      Walt, welcome to Evernote! We are glad that your son in law turned you on to our product and Pocket.

      The blog is a great resource that provides tips and user stories to help your use. Please let us know if we can help you any further.

    • steve

      I clip everything to evernote, when you start to introduce “other” sources to enhance, are you really doing that? I will capture video using snagit or camtasia or jing, (screen capture), it provides me a link when I upload it to screencast, of which I will post into the evernote I’ve created and in many cases, I’ll take a quick screen shot and save it with the link so I can always reference it in the article. It may seem tedious, but so does “linking” several other aggregate sites just to weed out what you don’t want and send the balance to Evernote. Why not just use it for what it was intended to do? Just my $.02 worth. Either way, TONS of great info here

  • Jeff

    Exactly where is the Feedly integration to pocket…?

    “Evernote provides many different tools to capture and save web content. From our own Web Clipper to integrations like Feedly and Pocket,”

  • Rui Guerreiro

    This, appart from Twitter, has been my process of choice for some time now, and I love it. Great to see I’m not alone 😉

  • Cherryl Harnist

    is there a way to turn on the “sound” or ping so when a note is received it makes a noise to let you know its there?

  • Peter

    I used to love using Feedly, Pocket and Evernote together. But unfortunately, in the latest version of the Pocket iOS app there is no way to tag something being added to Evernote!

  • adam

    What i’d love is to be able to quote lines from a saved Pocket article and save to Evernote in iOS like i can using Chrome. Anyone know if that functionality is coming in?

  • Brian

    I’m often interrupted during browser research projects and use a tool even before I get to the “save anything” stage, which is Session Buddy (a Chrome extension). It saves all my open tabs and windows in a session list that I can then return to, reopening all or only selected tabs as I might choose. A project session list can be saved indefinitely and, by re-saving it with the same name, extended and refined.