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作者: Andrew Sinkov 發佈日期: 20 二月 2008

作者: Andrew Sinkov 發佈日期: 20 二月 2008


Welcome to the shiny, new Evernote Blog. We’ll be posting news,
product update information, helpful tips, and, occasionally, thoughts on the world.

Our goal is to give you the information you need to really enjoy using Evernote. There’s a ton of new and exciting stuff to tell you about, so stay tuned.


-The Evernote team


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  • Randy S

    I am looking forward to beta testing the new Evernote. I own the current version, but I really need a personal organizer that can follow me around with my various computers, my tablet, my iMac and my Windows Mobile phone.

    I have tried to use OneNote 2007 because of its syncing capabilities using Sharepoint services or a windows share, but if this thing works as advertised by syncing into the cloud, then you really have a winner here!

  • Mark

    Hi – Just wanted to say a big thanks for creating this app. I am phasing this into my daily productivity and I can see this will be a must have app just like FTP or any other ‘get stuff done’ app!

    I have featured you on my blog and hopefully my clients will give you a try.

    Good luck!