Evernote for Mac has arrived! Extra bonus: Safari 3 support.

Posted by on 11 Mar 2008

Posted by on 11 Mar 2008

Evernote for Mac LogoWe teased you with the Mac client a couple of weeks ago in our overview video, and now it’s here. Trust us, it was worth the wait. Evernote for Mac has all the features you expect —advanced image search, synchronization, new note authoring, tagging, and note sharing— and some amazing extras:

  • Thumbnail view — Zoom in or out and visually scan through your notes
  • Snapshot note — Photo Booth-like interface that takes a snapshot and adds it to a notebook
  • Notebook publishing — Publish any notebook for the whole world to see right from your desktop
  • Mac clipper — Turn screenshots and copied content into new notes

Check out our new, more comprehensive Mac video:

If you have an Evernote account, go ahead and download the Mac client here. If you’re still waiting for an invitation, Download Squad and TechCrunch are giving out a whole bunch today, or you can register here.

Evernote for Mac is designed for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).

In related news, Evernote Web now supports Safari 3. We have a few short tutorial videos on how to install and use the browser web clipper with Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer here.


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  • Jan Ignatius

    Is the mac client a universal binary for us G4/G5 users?

  • Phil Libin

    Yes, but as we should have pointed out – it requires Leopard.

  • Jan Ignatius

    While trying to launch the app on my G4 Powerbook running Leopard I only get “You can’t open the application “” because it is not supported on this architecture.”

  • Eric Wolfe

    I get the same “not supported on this architecture” message on a Powermac G5 running 10.5.2.

  • nomaded

    A Get Info of (build 26325) is showing that it’s an Intel binary only. That definitely explains why it’s not starting on my PowerBook G4. I’m running 10.5.2.

  • Bryan

    Yeah, I can’t open on my PowerPC Leopard install either. Looks like you guys should maybe note that it’s not a UB and thus requires Leopard + Intel, or make a UB so that all of us can run it.

  • Curt

    Must have been fixed because it works just fine on my Dual G5 (10.5.2) It is awesome!!

  • Wyatt

    I cannot stress enough how strongly I want a beta invite.

  • nomaded

    I can confirm that build 26468 is a Universal bundle and runs fine on my PowerBook G4 (10.5.2). Very nice.

  • Ed

    Are there any plans to make a version for OSX 10.4 Tiger? Evernote works great on my MacBook, but I also use a G4 running Tiger.

  • Peet McKimmie

    OK, now that the Mac users have something to play with, what about us Linux users?

    If you don’t have time to build us a client, how about just tweaking the existing Windows client to run under Wine? 😉

  • Alister Cameron // Blogologist

    I’m keen to use this and review it.

    I’ve been looking for this for ages.

    Other Mac note apps are good for this and that reason, but EverNote looks much closer to what I want.

    How do I get an invite?!


    Alister Cameron // Blogologist

  • gordyt

    Folks I’ve been playing with the Mac client and web interface for a couple of days and I just wanted to comment that the text recognition within images is the very best I’ve ever seen.

    I’ve been on a quest for several years now for the ultimate personal information management system and it seems that Evernote is on track for satisfying that.

    Thanks for letting me in the beta program and keep up the good work!

    Gordon Tillman

  • Kyriacos

    Unbelievable. I gave up looking for a program like this a long time ago. Found some alternatives, and finally i decided i would eventually code something myself. Nothing this good ofcourse, without the picture recognition thing ofcourse.

    Anyway great work. I cant wait to get the invite.

    thanks for making it 🙂

  • Graham Heyes

    I have been using EverNote on Windows at work for a long time. I have been hoping for years for a Mac version. Here it is and…

    It looks and behaves nothing like the EverNote that I’ve known and loved.

    Where is the big long roll of paper, stream of consciousness that is so much like the way I think? Please tell me that I’m missing something!

  • Judi Sohn

    Waited for years for Evernote Mac and I can’t express how bummed I am that it’s Leopard only. Leopard has been out for a little over 6 months, some of us just aren’t ready to put all our eggs in its basket yet.

  • Julian Hein

    This is really a great service. The only thing I am currently missing are Bullet Points.

  • Joe

    Any chance of Evernote getting a little tie-in love with NetNewsWire – maybe as hooking up as an alternative to posting to delicious?

  • foreverstar

    I am really annoyed that this doesn’t run on Tiger.

  • randulo

    I vote Tiger, too. Please make a Tiger version, Tiger has a long life to go.

  • Steve

    Aye. I, too, wish to see a version for Tiger. Leopard, not so much.

  • Ernie Soffronoff


    I just figured this out. I put a post up in the NetNewsWire forums at


  • Jose Rivera

    I really like this application. It works well on a PC side however I have a Macbook with Tiger that I would like to sync also. Any plans on releasing a tiger version?

  • Simon Pamies

    I also would love to see a Tiger version. Due to Leopard being bug-ridden-crash-prone I won’t switch before SnowLeopard.

    From Evernote for Mac has arrived! Extra bonus: Safari 3 support.,

  • Pranav

    its a shame its not for tiger, i believe A LOT of mac users are still on tiger; and you guys are just missing a big market.

  • Mary

    I am adding one more highly enthusiastic vote for a version that will run on Tiger (10.4.11). There are so many of us still wishing to stay with a more stable version of the OS, so please consider getting us all hooked on your wonderful program!

    Many of us have more than one machine, so even if a new purchase finds us having to use Leopard, our other machines will still be running Tiger.

    Thanks for seriously considering our request.

  • Hoot

    Tiger. Please.

  • Richfuel

    Add my vote for a Tiger version too plz.

  • Don

    I am sure it won’t happen but a Tiger version would be awesome.

  • Nate

    Tiger too. Don’t leave us in the dark. 🙁

  • Gates

    Here’s another vote for a Tiger version or at least a response stating that it’s never going to happen so we can move on.

  • Andrew Sinkov

    Hi folks. For those asking about a Tiger version of Evernote, here is the response which is available on our website’s Q&A section:

    Why is Evernote for Mac, OS X 10.5 (Leopard) only?

    We are using a set of programming tools and libraries from Apple that they recommend for new applications like ours. These allowed us to build things like the “thumbnail” note view in weeks instead of months. Unfortunately, Apple has not back-ported these new programming interfaces to Tiger (OS X 10.4), so our application only runs on Leopard.

    While we would like to support Tiger, it would take months of development effort to reproduce our current functionality on that platform. Since Leopard has been out for some time, we’re not currently planning to do this work to back-port to older versions of OS X.

  • Gabe

    Sorry to hear that… I was really looking forward to this app, especially with the iPhone integration. Unfortunately I have some apps that don’t work with Leopard so I won’t be switching any time soon.

    AAAhhhhhh… I’ll have to keep looking.

  • Andrew Sinkov


    Would you please email us (everyone wanting 10.4 support) with contact info for whoever decided not to back-port the tools you need.

    Then we can contact Apple and petition them.

    Also a less functional version of Evernote would be a lot better than anything else. You would even not have to support it, just tell people if they want something better, buy a machine that can run 10.5 🙂

  • derek

    I’m putting in my vote for a version of Evernote to work with Tiger.

  • Chotpy

    TIGER wtf?!

  • Paul Richards

    Please make a Tiger client for Mac!

  • San Picciarelli

    What happens with us who still find Leopard much to unstable and unworthy of using over Tiger? Are you really planning to lose all of us Mac OS X 10.4 users? Isn’t it an unintelligent (sub-marketing) move? I mean, who’s running your PR? Or didn’t you really research on your client base and never realised that only 23% of us all (the fore runners, I must say…) are into the highly unstable version of MAC OS 10.5.
    It takes only some time in your lunch break to check Apple’s security update sessions and see what we’re talking about here. Tiger has never ever been this much upgraded as Leopard.

    Snow Leopard will be grand, for certain (we’ve seen it). But give me a break… Well, unless you’re really planning on drawing in forgetfulness mud so quick you won’t even notice. Anyway… Wake up lads!

  • San Picciarelli

    And by the way, I read something like this above…

    I’ve got two macbook air unities and a G5 so, like MANY others, we DO have decent equipement. We just don’t like Leopard that much. Get it now?

  • Jo

    I’d also like to see a Tiger version of Evernote–my Macbook has a defective DVD drive and is out of warranty, thus disabling my ability to upgrade to Leopard, even if I wanted to. Even a features-disabled version of Evernote would be better than nothing!

    I like the web client but I honestly can’t use it at all times due to connectivity issues. It’s a spectacular product and I wish I could rely on it on my computer as well… Even if some of the features that the libraries are not available for do not work…

  • Mike

    please 10.4.x support!!

  • Matt

    Really cool app, works just the way I want it too. I just wish there was a Tiger version.

  • Jordan Baker

    re: Tiger

    Another workaround is to use a application specific browser like Mozilla Prism to create an Evernote “application” in your dock.

    I’m using it right now and its great. Evernote gets its own dock icon, window and seperate process.

  • anon

    Another Tiger request… for what it’s worth…

  • Milstein

    vote for Tiger again~
    Even without some features would be OK, just need a client…

  • Umesh

    I came running to download Evernote for osx. I was so jealous of fellow windows users who’s lives Evernote made easier.
    And now, I’m double jealous and super disappointed coz I use Tiger. Leopard is still not for me..
    Please release one for Tiger.

  • Craig

    Came to download for myself and gf, unfortunately we both still use tiger. Back to lifehacker to find an alternative I guess.

  • tiger

    I want it for Tiger, too!!

  • Sam Ashton

    I’ve just come subscribed to Evernote and I’m very impressed from what I can see from the website, it looks like an amazing piece of kit, I didn’t know something this good existed. BUT… I’m deeply disappointed that it’s only for Leopard and I was very much looking forward to downloading it on my mac (running Tiger) it’ll probably be about a year before I can upgrade to an up to date version of Apple so unfortunately I have to run the risk of losing all my notes. I vote for a version for Tiger definitely, 100%, even without many of it’s fancy features, I just want my hundreds of notes to be safe.

  • Sam Ashton

    if it’s not possible to get a version for Tiger is there another app that I can sync my notes with to backup and edit on my (Tiger) mac?

    If you could include a link on your site for Tiger users if there is something that would be great.

  • Marcus Brody

    I’m right there with San Picciarelli….

    How could you NOT support Tiger???? Your app is great not because of its functionality, ease of use and relevance but also for what we, the users, sense, feel, want-to-believe-in good nature of your company….

    IF you support Tiger, you’ll make more money….We WANT you to make more money….

    Help me, Obi-Wan, you’re my only hope….

  • abby

    “While we would like to support Tiger, it would take months of development effort to reproduce our current functionality on that platform.”

    Really, any functionality would be great. I agree with Marcus. More support = more market share = more money. I mean, really – do you want to be on the first page of everyone’s iPhone? I’m thinking you do. In this economy, there are those of us who, despite a burning desire to go out and spend the money on Leopard, are unable to.

    Do this for us. Your loyalty to your fans and your ability to listen will be richly rewarded.

  • Marcus Brody

    Thanks Abby!

  • Dan

    As a Tiger user and a potential Google Notebooks switcher (can’t say I didn’t see its demise coming), I would really appreciate it if an effort was made to make Evernote available offline in my OS. Integration with Gears, or even an “export as html” feature would suffice.

    While I’m at it, I’d also like to say my main reason for sticking with Google Notebooks and away from Evernote for so long is the former’s Firefox extension. Using it, I could take a quick peak at recent notes as I quickly add new ones. I understand that Evernote’s extension has the later feature, but I don’t see any sign of it being able to perform the former. If this is all addressed, I’ll be happy to use Evernote.

  • Tim

    I use evernote on a daily basis now on the web and iPhone and would LOVE if it worked on tiger!!!!

  • fsadfsafafgsdf

    No Tiger?


  • Marykaye

    Sounds like a great market for an app for Tiger; please add my name to the list too since Mozilla Prism (mentioned above) must only run on Leopard.

  • nuria

    Tiger PLEASE!!

  • Sandra

    Also putting in my vote for a 10.4 version, pretty please, with a cherry on top.

  • Enlightened411

    I wish we had a Tiger desktop version of Evernote.

    If you’d let us VOTE on it you’d be amazed at how many of us out here want it.

    Thanks for listening, and thank you for your service.

    Steven (^_^)/

  • Marcus

    Bummed that I can’t use this. I’m still on Tiger and have no plans to switch to Leopard anytime soon.

    Even a lesser-featured version on 10.4 would be great.

    (Otherwise, I’m sure to just find another app that’ll allow future functionality of Evernote with the current support of basic features.)


  • Derek

    just registered the other day. i run leopard on my work imac, but tiger on my primary personal machine (macbook). i like the web interface but really need a separate solution. the search for one continues I guess… until evernote supports tiger i’m taking my $5/month and going elsewhere.

  • lime

    No Tiger =((((((

  • JmeLee

    I’m a bit disappointed to see that there is no updated response to the Tiger users since September…As far as I can tell, anyways…

    I run Tiger on 4 machines currently: my desktop and my laptop, my roommate’s computer and the “spare” or “guest” computer. It would really be nice to be able to use the EverNote application on them.

    But moreover, when I recently found and tried EverNote via the FireFox plug in, I got so excited and was so impressed with it that I told my college English and History professors about it, and in turn, my English professor took a gander and then even mentioned it during our next class as something to check into. In the meantime, to my dismay, I went to download the desktop application only to find there isn’t one for Tiger users!

    Add my name to the request list and PLEASE release a Tiger version of the software! Thank you!!!!

  • nicole

    I agree with everyone about the tiger. I really wanted to use this app. It is exactly what I have been looking for. Unfortunately I will not be upgrading until the snow leopard.

  • simoné

    Hi! I want this app for Tiger please! : )

  • Kyle

    Wow, get a clue people. There is no planned Tiger version. Time to move on.

  • David

    “time to move on” touch of arrogance there I think. I cannot use evernote because I use Tiger. Given the general response on this comment roll, I am actually one of many. Useful customer feedback perhaps.

  • Tom


  • Chad

    Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!

  • Scott

    I guess this is a petition at this point. Tiger please. My small (5 Macs) office has no plans to “downgrade” to Leopard, but we love Evernote. Please make our lives easier.

  • Chris

    Ok. It’s telling me it won’t run on Leopard. WTF?

  • Chris

    Scratch that. Upgrading just deleted the guts out of the application. Reinstalling from scratch fixed it.

  • Kari

    I see that there is is no official rebuttal to an overwhelming cry for Tiger support. Yes, the FAQs say that it would take more effort to be compatible, but is that a professional/most profitable way to run a company? I’m certain that you would profit more than enough to compensate from your extra effort. You’ll have more customers. You can’t ignore 2/3rds of your market because it’s “harder” to serve them and then expect them to keep buying from you! This is like releasing a Windows version with no XP support. UNBELIEVABLE!

    I’m looking for another solution and not looking back to an unfriendly company.

  • mawgrit

    Harrumph and DOUBLE DITTO about the tiger petitions. No excuses. Growl.

  • Adam

    Very upset that Evernote doesn’t support one of the best OS’s Apple has released in the past ten years.

  • moss

    another very disappointed tiger user here who wants more than anything to use evernote on my home comp. no way i can fork out the money for leopard, but i would pay for evernote that works with my tiger

  • tlt

    Yes. Tiger, please!!

  • fernsehmuell

    If have an Old G3 imac in my livingroom. It runs tiger! So please consider writing a version for tiger (i don’t need fancy graphic-stuff)

  • Eric

    I would love to use this software, but run OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and don’t plan to upgrade soon.

    Pretty amazing that this company’s blog has 80 posts going back a year and four months with ~95% of the posts requesting support for Tiger. Imagine if they had put in the “months of development effort to reproduce our current functionality on that platform” a year and a half ago…they could be huge right now.

  • georgio

    just bought the 2nd generation itouch. so excited about evernote…. until today when i found this string. i only use tiger, too. please email me if there is any change in your thinking on this.
    thanks very much.

  • Jk

    Another vote for Tiger..