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Posted by on 13 Mar 2008

Posted by on 13 Mar 2008

We’ve added 5 invitations to current user accounts. If you don’t see any in your account yet, give it some time.

The invitation link will appear up near the Setting link in Evernote Web —just like in this screenshot.

Invite a Friend


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  • Anon

    Do you guys not want feedback? It’s very hard to give you feedback on

    What I wanted to say was: You should make better demo videos. Like, at least re-record the audio with a better voice. (Please don’t take offense).

  • Claus Conrad

    Great new feature, thanks!
    I’d also like to comment on the previous commenter. A wish list or feedback form would be very much appreciated. I’d like to suggest the possibility to make all communication with the web interface encrypted using https. I see this is possible for login, but then I’m redirected to an insecure site again to access my notes. Otherwise I’m very happy with your new service now – I’ll test it some more and would probably love to pay for it some time, hoping you are working on a Premium version too.

    Best regards,
    Claus Conrad

  • Brian

    Awesome program!
    I just emailed a note to and suggested they add you to their linkable online programs. If I could Jott (cell phone call that gets recorded, transcribed, and emailed and or sms to me or any of their linkable progams I use…) I would be able to use Evernote when I am driving or situations when thoughts come to me and I want it in my evernote program. I would be a great addition, and companion for Evernote along with the mobil email.

  • Phil Libin


    Jott integration is a good idea! We’ll look into it.


    We are working on a previous version and it’ll include https for all content, not just logins.


    I agree that we need better movies and, especially, some real voice acting. I vow that my days as on-camera talent will end as soon as we dig up enough cash to hire a professional. Who should we get? Sounds like a good topic for a poll.

  • Ali Daniali

    I’m currently working on a integration between Evernote and CellTell voiceNotes. Please send me an e-mail if you are interested in beta testing this with me. ali at celltell dot tv

  • Igor

    Thank you for the great program! One (I believe) very important feature I would like to request is adding connect through PROXY capability to the program. I can’t use it at work where we’re using a proxy server. Thanks and good luck!

  • Michael


    i tried to get an invitation with the registration on your website 2 day ago. How long does it take?

    Please send an invitation to michabudde[at] I like to test your great tool very much 🙂


  • abbydog3

    Is the invite 5 friends offer still available? I don’t have this option on my top bar. Smile.

  • Ed Stern

    I’m very impressed with everything I’ve read about your product and can’t wait to finally see it 1st hand. I’m speaking at a medical conference in about 2 weeks and the topic is “My Back-up brain – Clinical uses for PDAs and more” – this will be a great addition to the discussion. If any of you want to donate one of your invites so I can show it 1st hand… thanks much.

  • Dinesh Sarode

    Great program !! Pl add the proxy support along with authentication.

  • Dinesh Sarode

    Great program !! Pl add the proxy support along with authentication.

  • Jean-Marie

    J’avais 10 invitations qui sont partie très rapidement et je trouve dommage que vous ne recréditiez pas mon compte pour que je puisse en offrir plus, autrement, félicitations à EverNote, c’est un très bon produit … 😉

  • Colin

    Fantastic program! But definitely need proxy support… it’s a showstopper.

  • Vadim

    I used to have a Perl script that searched a text file with separators for years. Free version with server keeping data is fantastic.

    Proxy is the killer feature.

    Documenting interface and data format would help to cut development costs. Nobody can keep up with all the portable devices.

    Simple text only version for Blackberry would be very nice. Thanks.

  • mik

    Need proxy configuration.

    Otherwise great app, look forward to using it more.

  • arif

    ditto on the need for proxy support. evernote won’t work with our ISA proxy and it is a showstopper for an otherwise fantastic product.

  • pixcellz

    my ISP has proxy auth and I can’t sync from my iPhone 🙁 please include proxy settings options. its a great app but lacks proxy feature.


  • Still no proxy!!

    Such an old thread and we still haven’t got proxy support, is it really that hard to implement??

  • Andrew Kornuta

    I know it’s been said many times before, above, but I too would like to see proxy support in the client. I can’t use this from my work network without it.

  • Brendan

    Would like to re-request proxy support with evernote. Not being able to work with a proxy server renders the iphone app useless in a corporate environment.

  • Sumit Khanna

    Seems like a neat program. First heard about it from the Palm Pre apps store. The palm version is a little buggy. I can’t use the desktop version at all here at work without proxy support though.

  • Todd

    Found this post via google.

    Another vote for proxy support in the iPhone app.

  • Dean

    Proxy server support, please. There are worlds of people who’d love to use this program if it worked.

  • Daniel

    Proxy!!! won’t work in my office. another vote for please include a proxy

  • Kdawg

    Another vote for proxy support! Programs that don’t support proxys these days is lagging behind. Especially programs that rely on network syncing, I’m a little perplexed by Evernotes missing proxy support.

  • Carol

    I spent a frustrating couple of hours yesterday evening repeatedly re-synching my evernote app on the iTouch while at work behind a proxy, and wondering why it wasn’t picking up some new notes I had added.

    I would definitely vote for the importance of making the sync model proxy aware – Evernote is extremely useful and I had assumed I would be able to use it very productively for work on my iTouch, but currently it’s not possible.

    And also, thanks for all the great work on Evernote 🙂

  • Chris

    Another vote for proxy support on the iphone – Safari works through a proxy, why not the Evernote app? Disappointing.

  • Pavel

    Great program, but please add manual proxy settings. Thank you.

  • Mick Chivers

    Please please add proxy support – this is a huge impact on functionality.

  • Lars

    also need proxy support with auth. Evernote doesn’t respect IE or Firefox settings with auth

  • Julien

    need a proxy support!

  • Bruno

    Hi, +1 for the proxy support. Great product, would be definitly better with synchronization.

  • Pete

    +1 I really need proxy settings!

  • Jon

    So am I hearing correctly, that Evernote (for Windows) does not have proxy support? I can’t find it anywhere in the Options. Many programs (like Firefox) have a built in proxy pref pane, but others simply use the default Windows/IE proxy settings. Either would be fine for me, but proxy support is critical.

  • tainanhorn

    I am premium But I forgot to fill in the free gift (premium gift) to my friend

  • David

    I can’t believe that there is still no proxy support! It was requested back in 2008 and here it is 3 YEARS later in 2011 and still no proxy support. Please add it !!! People working in corporate environments behind a firewall/proxy server cannot sync their data.