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How I Use Evernote #1: Music shopping

Posted by on 17 Mar 2008

Posted by on 17 Mar 2008

This short video shows how Evernote can help with your music shopping (and almost any other type of shopping for that matter).

How do you use Evernote? Let us know.

Useful info:

  • Install the Evernote Web Clipper by dragging or adding this Clip to Evernote link into your browser’s link bar. Or go here for more information.
  • Check out our tutorials on using and installing the web clippers for Firefox 2, Safari 3, and IE 7.
  • Don’t forget to add as a favorite on your mobile phone.

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  • David Jackson

    I installed the Mac and WM6 software this morning. I anticipate saving my notebook entries to archive them and make them searchable, though I will have to improve my penmanship to make that work 🙂

    If you hook your API to this will be a KILLER app. If I can take a photo of a business card and have the info from the card go into the contact information in Salesforce – OH MY!

    I would also like to be able to drag and drop emails from Mac Mail or Entourage into the client. I would like these also to wind up in salesforce too. BTW I know there are SF clients for Mac, but this makes a great IN for all that I need to do, Blogging, SF, hobbies …

  • Torley

    I really enjoyed this video tutorial/screencast! Great stuff, Andrew & Evernote team! Quick Q: how’d you do the picture-in-picture thing where it shows you at the same time as your computer screen?

  • Mike Ando

    I have lots of uses that I can think of.
    Only problem – can I start ntrusting the app?
    The Mac program still has no export – that’s a worry. Until then, I have no idea if I’ll be able to get the data out. So don’t feel comfortable putting data in.
    And no PDF support? That seems kind of basic.
    But the framework looks very promising. I just can’t do any serious work with it yet.

  • abbydog3

    This is very cool. I can’t wait to get my beta invite.

  • Bfdonnelly

    The mobile client is a good start, but I would like a little more ability to edit and paste into notes. For example, sometimes I do something similar to your scenario. I might go to a library and do several searches for books on my Moble 6 phone (since the computers usually are all taken). Then I save them to my “select list” on the library’s website, and take the phone to the stacks or the librarian. Unfortunately, the select list isn’t searchable, so if I’m looking for more than 4 documents, I have to refresh pages on the library’s super-slow system. If I could upload the library entries via IE or just cut-and-paste, then I could use the notes in the library. Local storage would be good, but even with EDGE the web is pretty usable.

  • Caseylr

    My method of gathering notes (A.K.A. creating a music shopping list) is much like Andrew’s except I use my car’s stereo’s display. I love Sirius Chill channel 35 and fortunate for me my stereo’s will display the artist and song title. I simply take my iPhone and snap a pic of the display and tag it Music. Then when I get back to the office or home I go shopping on iTunes or Amazon. It’s that easy.

  • Doug

    I was a loyal OneNote user and just switched this week after doing some research and realizing that the Evernote team has the right idea – the external brain! So, I am using it for the following:
    -meeting notes for work
    -documenting ideas for just about everything
    -book summaries (one day, would love to see this integrate with an electronic book device like Kindle!!)
    -would like to use my Blackberry with it but the web interface is too slow; looking forward to a Blackberry app like the iPhone app
    -using Jott when I am mobile – love it!!

    Keep up the good work!!