Evernote Hearts Jott

Posted by Phil Libin on 30 Mar 2008

Posted by Phil Libin on 30 Mar 2008

Ever wanted to dictate a quick message into your cell phone and have it magically appear in your Evernote account? I did. As did astute beta tester Drew Vogel, who sent in a brilliantly simple way to get this done by plugging together Jott and Evernote.

Just as I was sitting down to blog about this today, we were scooped by Brad Isacc at Lifehacker: Jott Your Way To Evernote Bliss.

Always feels good to be scooped by Lifehacker!


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  • Greg

    I’ve been doing this for a couple weeks- it never occured to me that others might be interested. Jott and Evernote- life is sweet!

  • The Detective

    Got my invite today, and one of the first things I did with Evernote was use it with Jott and it was the BOMB.

    I was at the gym, Jotted a note about my week, and came home and it was in Evernote already, text and all.


  • Matthew McDole

    Please, if anyone has an extra invite shoot one my way. I’ve been trying to get on the Evernote beta for awhile.
    simucal [at]

    I appreciate it!

  • Gordon

    I am just wondering why there is no “print…” function in Evernote Web Beta? It could be very useful if I can print out my notes. Currently I have to copy my notes to other applications to have them printed.

  • Disappointed and deceived

    Evernote has gone in a wrong direction. Why does anyone need to create accounts in order to use this piece of software? Why get invites?
    Are you concentrating on making a better software or on frustrating your users?
    You didn’t mention anything about that in the release notes.

  • Phil Libin


    We’re still requiring an invitation to get into the closed beta because we’re still testing the system and making frequent changes, so we can only support a limited number of users. Soon, we’ll be out of the “invitation only” period and everyone will be able to get in.

  • Bill

    It sure would be nice to have an invite. Kinda frustrating not to be able to use it.
    wetherb67 (at) (hint hint!)

  • Ben

    The Lifehacker article referenced show the merging of notes. This is something that isn’t present for my Evernote on the Mac. In fact the contextual menu I see is much different than that shown on the windows version in the Lifehacker article. Is the Mac client missing features present in the Windows version?

  • Phil Libin


    The three different Evernote clients – Windows, Mac and Web – are not identical. They all support most the same operations and can seamlessly exchange data, but each has some functionality not yet present in the others. For example, the Mac version has a very visual “thumbnail” view that’s missing in the Windows version, the Windows version let’s you automatically merge two notes while you’d have to manually cut and paste to achieve the same effect on the Mac, etc.

    The reason for this is that the different versions are not simple ports of each other, but independently developed software designed to take advantage of the unique strengths of each native platform. The functional differences are small and getting smaller as we release updates. Our goal is to make each version of Evernote feel like a natural, “native” application while making them as familiar as possible to users switching platforms.

  • VictorE

    i created a new contact called “evernote” rather than have all my jotts come into my main evernote account.

  • Yang-May Ooi

    It would be good to be able to upload text notes via SMS or Twitter in the way that you can upload a task to Remember the Milk and an event to Google Calendar using Twitter. I don’t always want to speak a private note outloud into Jott/ Spinvox (UK equivalant of Jott) in a public place so a silent texting option would be helpful. I would also want to cc. or forward some text messages I am sending to someone to Evernote. Also, for some people, their phone may not support the mobile version of Evernote.

  • Parag

    I stay in India. Can anyone please tell me if there’s any way by which I can use I think this is sort of a dream combination – Evernote and Jott.

  • Tatiana

    I guess I should have read this a long time ago. I just thought of it last week and set it up. I have EverNote set up as an email contact in Jott. All my thoughts as I said them nice handy and searchable and also in my iPhone in a matter of minutes.

  • Ian

    Jott this, jott that, but if you’re not in almighty America then it’s a big NO! I’ve been waiting almost six months to use Jott for things like this, forever hearing how great it is. Look how fast Twitter was to show support for countries other than America. It’s the same with most things that are launched in America. Why launch a service to a global audience that can only be used people in one or two countries?

    Thankfully Evernote has shown no such ignorance of other countries, and that is a rarity among American companies.

  • Scott Bushey

    Question: Why do I need Jott if Evernote has their own voice message option on my Iphone?


  • Matt


    Jott transcribes your voice message into text. That way you can search thru the notes you leave via jott using the search feature in Evernote.

  • Jael

    I don’t understand why the print function on Evernote doesn’t print only what I write in my account. It tacks the heading of evernote and other unnecessary bits. I tried just copying it onto word, but the formatting then gets messed up. Anyone know how to have Evernote print just the note you wrote and nothing else?