• Evernote meets iPhone

    We are huge (HUGE) fans of the Apple iPhone. While the current Evernote mobile web interface works well on iPhones, it’s just not the same as having an application that’s tailored to the device. Today, we’re unveiling the new Evernote iPhone web interface at: http://www.evernote.com/iphone We’re still testing and improving it, but we didn’t want […] Read more

  • Thanks a Million – Open Registration Today Only

    The new Evernote closed beta is about two months old and we’ve just passed an important milestone: our first one million notes!  During this time, we’ve made lots of improvements to the service and we’ll be announcing a few more big things in the next couple of weeks.  Stay tuned. To celebrate (and to do […] Read more

  • Publishing and sharing your notes

    UPDATE: Things have changed quite a bit since this post. Please read our new Sharing and Collaboration post. Say you’re using Evernote to plan a trip. You’ve been clipping webpages of hotels and restaurants, typing itineraries, snapping photos of your travel documents (just in case). Now, you want to give all of your travel buddies […] Read more

  • Evernote Privacy and Security

    Evernote Privacy and Security

    Security and privacy are extremely important topics for Evernote users, and for good reason. Evernote would like to provide a single service to manage your memories for many years. To achieve this, we must provide a very high level of system and data security while offering users a variety of choices to manage their own […] Read more

  • Using Skitch with Evernote for Mac

    Lots of Mac users out there love Skitch. It’s a great application for image editing, screen grabbing, and annotations. In this short video, we show how easy it is to use Skitch with Evernote. Plus, you get to see the Evernote recognition technology in action. If you’re in the mood for some takeout in San […] Read more

  • Clipping just got a little better

    History In the early stages of the Evernote Service development the Web Clipper was just an easy way for developers to get content into the development notebooks quickly. It also helped us test our HTML sanitizer which makes sure no nefarious javascript makes it into users notebooks. First there was a command-line version, then a […] Read more