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Publishing and sharing your notes

Posted by on 21 Apr 2008

Posted by on 21 Apr 2008

UPDATE: Things have changed quite a bit since this post.

Please read our new Sharing and Collaboration post.

Say you’re using Evernote to plan a trip. You’ve been clipping webpages of hotels and restaurants, typing itineraries, snapping photos of your travel documents (just in case). Now, you want to give all of your travel buddies access to this information. Evernote lets you do that.

By default, everything you create in Evernote is private, but you can easily publish any notebook to the web. Here are instructions for how to do this using the web and Mac clients. This is coming very soon to Windows. For now, Windows users can publish their notebooks using Evernote Web.

1. Select the notebook you want to publish
Web: Click on the Actions dropdown and select Settings
Mac: Cmd + click on the notebook and select Notebook Settings
3. Click Publish
Optional step: Add a description
4. Copy the URL (don’t click the URL yet, the notebook isn’t saved)
5. Click OK or Save
6. Mac only: Click Sync

That’s it. That URL is now publicly available, so send it to anyone, even subscribe to the RSS feed. Stay tuned for more publishing and sharing options in the very near future.


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  • Terry Calhoun

    Just curious here about intellectual property law and publishing notebooks that contains clips from newspapers and the like. Seems fraught with risk?

  • zo

    So, are there going to be ads then in all published notebooks?

    And do I understand correctly that you are collecting personal information such as credit card numbers?


  • Colin

    what about publishing for collaboration with other users like a “shared” notebook?

  • lumikki

    I am very eager to get the feature for sharing my notes with friends only, not publishing them to all the world. When will you have this kind of basic collaboration feature?
    Thanks for the great application!

  • justinsail

    I second what lumikki says. I love this feature to publicly share your notebooks, but I definitely need a privacy option so I can use it for my business… but it would also need to be very secure because my business requires that safety.
    Until you implement this, I guess I’ll just have my assistant sync my entire account on his computer.

  • Willem

    Me too, I just discovered this utility and this collabortaion feature was the first thing that came to mind as missing. Shouldn’t be that hard either considering that all the info is on the same server. I wouldn’t mind paying for that either.

  • Spen

    I’m with the rest here. Allowing other (specific) Evernote users to collaborate on notebooks would make Evernote an awesome tool. I’m actually a bit surprised the feature isn’t there already.

    And the perfect way for Evernote to attract new users!

  • Rachel Hill

    This app is SO awesome, by the way and I’m more than happy to pay anything for it! Between it and my iphone, my paperless days are finally here! As far as sharing and collaboration, I’m glad I can share my notes with my husband via a weblink, but I would love to see a way we can both work on the same note… i.e. for a grocery list, etc. I’ve seen this in backpack and basecamp by 37 signals. Anyway to do this?


  • Kyle

    This app has so much potential. I wish the “tag” function had similar search and indexing capabilities to that of Delicious. That would be helpful. I prefer to use Delicious for those reason. However, I would gladly make Evernote my one stop shop if combined its current features with those similar to Delicious.

  • Chris

    I agree with all the comments above, that a secured way to share notebooks would be an extremely useful feature. Also scheduled capture of links could be useful too (maybe use a transform generated by something like the Firefox extension Platypus to skip capturing stuff like headers). I don’t think it would be unreasonable to make these premium features. I like free, but I know you guys need to pay the bills and I think the freemium model you have is a more sustainable business model than ad supported services which means I can keep on enjoying Evernote.

  • Gary

    I would LOVE to be able to share notebooks with specific people rather than publish to the world. Another killer feature would be to select which of my notebooks to sync – I would like to keep my home notebooks OFF my work computer!

  • Redheights

    I agree i already use evernote for sharing but it would be great to have some ability to use it to collaborate with people.

  • Bree

    Great work.

  • Chris

    Can anyone tell me if the private sharing of this application in currently in development?

    I am currently evaluating software for use within my business and evernote looks awesome except for the ability to share docs privately between business users.

    Looking forward to hearing…. thanks

  • Dave

    I’ll just add a “me too,” that sharing with specific individuals would be hugely useful. The lack of this feature really limits how much I actually use Evernote.

  • Carl

    Agree to Chris and Dave here. Selected sharing would be super great!

  • Tom

    Just another shout for secure sharing of specific notebooks with specific evernote users. This is a must-have feature if evernote is going to realise its potential, and something that would be worth paying for (of course free would be nice too!).

    Given the awesome features evernote already has, it is surprising that secure sharing is not yet possible. Keep up the great work!

  • Dan

    Another vote for shared notes with select people. Either offer a “Share this Notebook with a friend” option or allow specific tags to be shared with a friend (or friends).

    e.g. any notes with the tag “band” could be shared with everyone in the band for gigs, studio times, recordings, etc.

  • Ryan Walters

    Sounding off about privately shared notebooks! I’m sure you guys are working on this having seen the common requests here, but I’m another that absolutely love Evernote and can’t wait to see this feature added!! Collaboration is where it’s at these days with the world being so mobile and business being spread across the world!

    Great app guys! Keep it up!

  • PacoBell

    I needed collaboration features about a week ago. There’s a vacuum in the market to fill. I’m hoping your time to market will be sooner than later, otherwise some snappier company may eat your lunch in the meantime.

  • Rune Solberg

    Well the only thing Im waiting for is collaboration features. But for now Im stuck with Google Apps for that. Hope you’ll get your finger out soon 🙂

    Great product otherwise, love it!

    Best regards,

    Rune Solberg
    Freelance Designer

  • Elliot

    Add my vote for sharing with admin/role-based security on master Evernote account to allow different employees access to different notebooks/tags/notes and protect business from one rogue employee changing email address and password in current workaround of each dept has separate copy of Evernote. See my comment on ‘part-deux’ podcast.

  • Elliot

    one other small request. Can windows desktop client open with default focus be on last entered note like outlook inbox. Find that really annoying that have to scroll up and down or filter by date to find last note. Why is at bottom. Last note should be at top!! Along with default focus.

  • Jono

    A possible workaround for the missing collaboration function everyone seems to want, is to allow polygamy (log into multiple accounts at the same time). Alternatively, allow multiple instances of the app to be open, and let each one log in as a different person.

    This way, groups can create accounts, and all sync together.

    Otherwise, a fantastic app 🙂 really enjoy it!

  • AnotherAaron

    Another vote for select sharing. Grocery lists, collaborative projects, etc……..the usefulness of Evernote would jump ten-fold.

    Have the Evernote folks commented on the possibility of this anywhere? I’m kind of surprised they haven’t at least commented in this thread somewhere….

  • HouseofG

    Well, I came to the Evernote site just to make sure private sharing/collaboration wasn’t available and I see that (a) it isn’t and (b) a LOT of other folks are looking for it as well.

    It really would take Evernote to a whole new level.

    I’ll check other blog entries, but it’s disheartening to see all these comments over the months without any response by Evernote.

  • HouseofG

    Hmm..per an answer to one of the user questions in this podcast…collaboration (on a per notebook scale it sounds like) “soon”?

  • rythman

    Another vote for sharing notes…my wife and I have iPhones…I use Evernote all the time for personal notes, but I’d really like to be able to share a grocery list between the two of us that could be updated and referenced by both of us via our iPhones using the Evernote app.

    I’m sure there “might” be another app out there that could do this….but I’d rather use Evernote. 🙂 This functionality would take Evernote to the next level IMO.

  • Mike

    +10 for collaborative sharing with named users. Sadly, without that, can’t move my journalist team over. With it, I’d move from Google in a flash.

  • pescalamosca

    It would be nice the functionality of “Share this notebook with a friend(-s)”