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Posted by Philip Constantinou on 29 Apr 2008

Posted by Philip Constantinou on 29 Apr 2008

We are huge (HUGE) fans of the Apple iPhone. While the current Evernote mobile web interface works well on iPhones, it’s just not the same as having an application that’s tailored to the device.

Today, we’re unveiling the new Evernote iPhone web interface at:

We’re still testing and improving it, but we didn’t want to wait to give you access

In creating the Evernote iPhone web interface, we were able to rethink our mobile user experience. Whereas our standard mobile web application allows users to find notes by performing text searches, the iPhone version adds the ability quickly filter notes by navigating through lists of tags, notebooks, and note attributes to construct complex searches without typing. We think users are really going to like the ability to search and filter on their phone just as they can on the web or desktop applications.


One challenge we faced when designing the iPhone web interface was how to deal with large, complex notes. We decided that although the iPhone UI makes it easy to zoom and pan a web page, for Evernote the best experience should be more like reading email. Also, as in the standard mobile web version, we scale all the images on our servers, so you don’t have to download your 12MP images to your phone’s small screen. In addition to being able to email and delete notes, you can also zoom into a note, which will open it up in a separate browser tab with the full size images.

We know you’re going to ask, so here are the answers to some questions:

  • Yes, we will begin auto-detecting iPhones soon. For now, iPhone users will need to go to the URL above
  • You can use the two-finger gesture to pan around large images

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  • Simon

    Why why why? Okay, so the iPhone may be pretty good, but, Pocket PC’s have had big touch screens for years and this design (if it weren’t quite so AJAX) would work amazing (and be a massive improvement interface-wise) for the millions of people who have and love their PPCs….please say you’re gonna make a custom Pocket PC version to take advantage of the big touch screens on these devices 🙂

  • Stefan

    I would like to edit my (plain text) notes on the iPhone as well.


    I WILL BUY NEW VERSION OF iphone only because of EVERNOTE THAT i use to enjoy for years

  • pete

    You have GOT to get notes editing on the iphone app. Really a deal-killer. the local copy kind of kills it too. cant a brother edit a text document on an airplane that’s synced somewhere else?

  • Ron

    I agree, please introduce notes editing on the iPhone. This should be one of the core capabilities of the app!

  • Bill

    Totally agree on the notes editing. Especially since the is no cut and paste on iPhone

  • mambo

    and syncing to Outlook

  • mark

    This just does not work!!!
    Is there any way to STOP evernote jumping to the iPhone version? Just let the iPhone use your normal site…

  • Brian Kenyon

    I definately want local notes editing and offline syncing.
    It would be great to sort through and edit evernotes when Im offline on my iTouch and then sync it in some sort of daily schedule when I have wifi access at home and at work.

  • Eric Transue

    I love the iphone app and am happy you guys have become an online success story.

  • hoyla

    I use Evernote entirely as a way to share notes between my Mac and my iPod Touch. Most of my notes are serially edited – they’re not one-off notes. Such a usage requires that all my notes be made as plain text so they remain editable on both platforms. However, I often have problems with stuff accidentally acquiring RTF format when keyed in (or, in particular, pasted in) on the Mac.

    The problem is, it’s not always obvious when something has become rich text. What I would really appreciate is a means by which I can guarantee my text notes are plain text. So, for us iPhone/iPod users, it would be nice to have something on the desktop platform that indicated if something isn’t plain text – and a quick means by which to convert a note to plain text.

  • Wayne Brehob

    I agree wholeheartedly with the complaints here about notes turning into rich test with no indication that this has happened. I got burned with that tonight with my shopping list on my iPod touch. I’m at the store and I want to read it, but I can’t open it because it somehow became rich text! 90% of my notes are plain text, and I’d like them to stay that way for easy editing on any platform.