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How do you use Evernote?

Posted by on 07 May 2008

Posted by on 07 May 2008


We asked our Twitter followers to tell us how they use Evernote. Here are some of the responses. Many thanks to everyone that tweeted!


  • jvmoore1: Evernote has been great for IT work. I research something at my house or in the office and am able to access it on the web.
  • blloyd: Snapping photos of whiteboards at meetings with my phone.
  • PhoneTrips: My friend and I run a weekly podcast at I put items in Evernote all week tagged “podcast.”
  • ajfortin: Recently put screenshots of a health care conference live-tweets in public notebook so people can search for speaker comments.
  • juliegomoll: Using it for planning new business – notes on vendors, products, ideas, etc. and for fodder for future blog posts.
  • mmaslowski: I use it for collecting scraps ideas and outline specification of new apps I’ve been working on.
  • RuudHein: Clipping, maintaining database of information retrieval knowledge for
  • okwichu: Keeping track of work tasks, notes, and rough time tracking.
  • WickedGood : I’m using it to create and manage show notes for my podcast:
  • normc: Evernote has cleaned my office, my desk is no longer full of scraps of paper.
  • bhugh36: I use it mainly for work stuff because I can easily sync between my Mac at home & my PC at work.


  • aimeeisdrawing: I’ve been using it for collecting things I need to return to on the web, better than bookmarks. My boyfriend uses it for school.
  • BobQ: For clipping recipes, doing research for projects, keeping multiple project-related lists, and for snapping images on my cellphone.
  • kevinfrey: Using Evernote gloriously to be a smarter wine consumer. I can’t remember yesterday, let alone the name of the last wine bottle I drank.
  • gcmandrake: I use Evernote for keeping track of photography ideas and notes. (I also use it for work & home.)
  • shaneblyth: I use it for gathering info at home on tech topics, storing business cards, etc.
  • xstealx: I use it as a note-to-self and reminders mostly but I intend to use it for work.
  • zemote: I am using Evernote for work & personal. It has become my bucket for clipping everything!!!
  • mjohnson16: I’m using Evernote for work notes, church projects, research, reminders, and general mayhem moments.


  • LtFielding: I’m using it for school.
  • lrei: I’m using Evernote for college notes, personal projects, planning trips, notes for writing my blog and general personal notes.
  • iamhannah: School and work. I use it for my radio show to be organized.
  • richgould: Using Evernote to help with my son’s 3rd grade project on chickens. Finding everything we can: pics, info, facts, etc. It’s great!
  • whoisvince: I’ve been primarily using Evernote to store any and all info about scholarships.


  • molgar: I am using Evernote to collect info for my next trip: New Zealand!!
  • barron: I am using Evernote to plan our summer vacation. It keeps all my notes in one convenient place.

Organization and productivity

  • ChrisWarren: I use it as my mobile @rnd folder for GTD. Marvelous!! I now have ink notes too.
  • levibethune: I track my paystubs, tax forms and bills in Evernote, as well a separate notebook of beer and wine bottle labels.
  • androvski: I use it for all my geeky stuff, reminders, ideas, to-do lists, bookmarks, school stuff, etc. All my life is within Evernote.
  • lbcapt: Really loving the app – using it on Mac, PC, and web to keep track of reminders, future blog posts, etc… Great job!!
  • Kforbriger: EVERYTHING… keeping my online world organized on Evernote now.


  • SherylSisk: I’m using it to collect, research, and process “blog fodder” for my blogs.
  • joeyinteractive: We are the developers of Desktoptopia (, we use Evernote to capture new ideas and artists we discover.
  • shaneblyth: I use it for gathering info at home on tech topics, storing business cards, etc.
  • leanda: I use Evernote for keeping scrap books of design ideas and inspiration – type, colour, pattern, shape etc.
  • sharpstick: Keeping political news articles to refer to later on in the year.


  • pattyman: I keep track of things I want to follow up on Craigslist, and also comics I see in the shop that I want to pick up next time.
  • duncanmike: My wife takes cell phone pics of fashions in mags/stores > Evernote to create a “looks to recreate” reference.

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  • Peter Hansen

    First of all, i would like to say, that the new evernote RULES! To have the possibility to make notes etc. and share them between types of work-arrangements (I have mac at home, pc at work and a mobilephone when i’m in the free, and web on a pc-cafe) is none other than great.

    I have noticed you’ve had a series about how it can be used. A lengthy report on Evernote used as a GTD tool would be great.



  • xbeta善用佳软

    yeah, we will use & help more people to use EverNote to do things above. Although there are many competitors (free or commercial) today, but considering the progress made into cross platform, especially support mobile phone & iPhone — the future tools, more popular than PC then–, we can believe that EN will have a more successful future.

    For one thing, we really eager to wait the day that EN3 can search Chinese, which already has been implemented in EN2.2.

  • curegirl0421

    I really love this application… I am an avid crafter and I often find inspiration in places like craft: and etsy, but I end up printing pictures (in B&W because I’m lo-fi like that) and then never doing anything with them because i forget… this makes it so I can see those favorite things in one place and get INSPIRED!

    Thanks so much!

    I only have one suggestion… the ability to print the notes I make. Printing from the web only gives me basically a screenshot, whereas I’d like to be able to print out the whole note to be able to have a paper copy for particular projects, or using a recipe at home (where I don’t have a computer in the kitchen, nor do I own a laptop).

  • Oliver Ruehl

    The application is so good that it makes me cry…
    because I’m not allowed to use it for work stuff.

    Make this software available for company use in closed networks and you’ll get even richer 🙂

  • dave

    I’ve never hot-synced a cellphone and I don’t own an iPod, and I don’t use news feeds or Twitter. I get the feeling that the folks at Evernote are unaware of how much they are assuming their users already know these things. We’re not all tech-savvy.
    Some of us are even idiots who are trying to organize their lives. Make this tool more intuitive and idiot-proof and you’ll really have something.

  • munan

    can i use chinese to Evernote

  • Stephen

    I can really see the potential of this app for when yo are out and about and not wanting to deal with hand written notes on scraps of paper; on that trip to the store or to a site like amazon where you can come across so much at once.


  • Ben Singer

    To Andrew Sinkov: My suggestion for Evernote to provide actual HOW TO DO ITS has a superb role model: Go into Safari and look at the instructions for–for example–how to actually use the Address Book. It provides the 1 (do this) then 2 (do that) and so on. There’s no ambiguity, no non-instructional comments that tell you WHAT you can do without actually showing you. I still don’t know if I’ve clearly discriminated for Evernote the distinction between telling somebody to do something and explicitly showing them how. Like the difference between denoting and connoting. There’s nothing wrong with MIME, Evernote…it’s the most successful way of learning complicated stuff.
    Ben Singer