Product updates: Windows and Web

Posted by on 08 May 2008

Posted by on 08 May 2008

Last night we released the latest versions of Evernote for Windows and Evernote Web. Here are some of the user-facing enhancements (there are a lot of behind-the-scenes improvements). We’ve also added a ton of new hardware in response to our fast user growth.

Bonus: We’ve given everyone more invitations!

Evernote for Windows [Download Now]

  • Search: Searching is now significantly faster, especially over large notebooks and databases
  • Synchronization: Sync now works through password-protected proxies
  • Stability: Major improvements in stability and overall performance

Evernote Web

  • Multi-select checkbox: Now you can move, delete, and tag multiple notes at once
  • iPhone: iPhone users are now automatically redirected to the iPhone-optimized web version
  • Search: Note searching is now faster

Thank you beta testers. You’re helping us make a better product.


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  • Paul

    Will we ever have the ability to edit notes via mobile? I have a hard time fully adopting & recommending Evernote without that ability.

  • Det Ansinn

    The sort for the iPhone version is broken. It’s not clear what order is being used for display. It must be fixed ASAP for this version to be useful — either user configurable or date descending.

  • Todd

    Will the Windows version ever have ‘To Dos’ like the Mac version does?

  • Rune Solberg

    I have an Ipod Touch and Im not redirected to any Iphone/Touch optimized page. Is there anyway of getting the appropriate URL for this version?

  • 锐风

    I think that the size of client for Windows is too big..

  • Dean

    When will FF 3 support be rolled out? It’s been available as an RC for weeks and a Beta for months.

  • Luisa

    Any ETA on PDF support for Windows?