Evernote for Mac just got a lot better!

Posted by Phil Libin on 11 May 2008

Posted by Phil Libin on 11 May 2008

Evernote for Mac version 1.1 just came out, and it’s full of the most requested features and improvements.

PDF Support

You asked for it and now it’s here: Evernote supports PDF files! You can now drag a PDF into an open note, onto the dock icon, or into a notebook. You can also combine multiple PDFs, text, and images in a single note. Notes with PDFs will get synced like any other notes (unless you specifically put them into a local-only notebook, of course), so you can access them from any computer or device capable of viewing a PDF. The Mac version will even search the text within PDF notes.

You can also “print” right into Evernote from any Mac application, just go to the File>Print menu, push the PDF button, and select “Save PDF to Evernote.” A fully-formatted copy of your web page or document will automatically be added to Evernote. This works great with Safari, Firefox, iWork, MS Office, whatever. Try it with this blog post!

Our image-recognition technology won’t work on images within PDFs yet, and the Windows and Web clients will currently display PDFs as attachments, and will not automatically search within them. We’re working on it…


Evernote is now fully integrated with Spotlight. Now, you can search through all of your files and all of your memories in one place. You can also make Finder “smart folders” that include Evernote content. Just set the “kind” drop down to “other” and type “Evernote” into the field that opens up. Neat!

New “Mixed View” Mode

Evernote for the Mac now has three views: List, Mixed, and Thumbnail. The new “mixed view” mode shows you a single column of small thumbnails and metadata for each note. Now there’s a view that’s perfect for any set of notes, monitor sizes, and user styles. Try them out and find the one the works best for you.

Vertical Preview Pane

The Mixed and and Thumbnail views now offer a resizable and collapsable vertical preview pane on the right.

The currently selected note is displayed in the preview pane and is fully editable, scrollable, and shows live search results. If you have the screen real estate, try opening the preview pane to a generous size and you’ll never need to leave your favorite viewing mode again. Hitting “New Note” in Thumbnail or Mixed view will no longer force you into List view. You can still open a note in a separate window by double clicking on it. Of course, if the preview pane is taking up too much room, just drag it closed and it’ll stay that way.

The List mode keeps the preview pane on the bottom of the screen to accommodate more horizontal columns in the list.


Ok, technically we rolled this out in the last build, but for some reason the announcement fell through the cracks, so let’s pretend that encryption is a brand new feature. Just select any portion of text in a note, right-click on it, and select “Encrypt Selected Text.” If you haven’t selected a password yet, you’ll be prompted to do so. To decrypt text, just click on it. Notes with encrypted text can be synced just like any other notes, and are fully interoperable between the Mac and Windows clients; you can encrypt stuff on a PC at work and decrypt it on your Mac at home, or vice-versa.

There’s currently no way to decrypt stuff on our web or mobile versions. You’ll see that a note has encrypted information, and you’ll be able to see any unencrypted content, but you won’t be able to decrypt it yet. We do this because we don’t ever want you to transmit your password over the network and we never want to see it on our servers. There are ways we could work around this restriction, but they’re not trivial to implement so we just haven’t had the time to work on them. We’ll get to it sooner or later, but in the meantime just keep your secret spy stuff to the Mac and Windows versions.

Don’t forget your encryption password! We never see it or store it anywhere on the service, so if you lose it, you won’t be able to decrypt your secrets. Seriously.

Bug Fixes

Version 1.1 also has many bug fixes and stability improvements: you can now drag-n-drop images, text, html, and supported audio into a note, thumbnails look better, and everything is just a bit smoother. Of course, this is still beta software, so if you find any bugs or issues, please send them to us.

If you’re already using the Mac client, just select “Check for Upgrades” from the “Evernote” menu to upgrade to version 1.1. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can always get the latest version here. If you need an Evernote account, just sign up.

Thanks to everyone who’s tested our Mac client. It may be the newest addition to the Evernote software lineup, but it’s really starting to look pretty good. Keep the comments coming!


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  • MiniMage

    Love the Ninja Warrior reference!

  • MK

    Would be interested in trying this out…

  • Bill Randle

    I I have versio 2.2.1 386 and just discovered the encryption ability, and the useful way it re-encrypts in the current session after decryption. I thought Evernote was one of my most useful programs before, and now I consider it to be number one in daily use. I use it every day, and I think it should be standard software on all computers. Any plans for a Linux version? Thank you. BR

  • Julian Hein

    Wow, great new features. Thanks for the PDF support. May I suggest two new features: More formating options like bullet points etc. and support for attachments in general. e.g. drag an excel file into a note and it get attached to this note.

  • Milko D. Georgiev

    As a recent Mac user I’m still looking for a good replacement of Microsoft OneNote. I find your Evernote a good candidate. However, I critically miss the ability to annotate objects in your software – highlight, underline, draw, arrows, etc. – which I find extremely useful in OneNote. Please, take it in consideration as part of the wish list for next releases.
    And another thing – it’s good to make server-located notes to be accessible to specific users, not only to be publicly shared. It could be a good collaboration tool too

  • Gabriele

    Hi guys,

    Great features! Can I suggest one enhancement on the encryption part: It would be great to encrypt entire notes, especially for encrypting entire PDFs. I realize that I wouldn’t be able to see them in the web-version of evernote but it would bring Evernote quite a bit nearer to replace my Yojimbo!


  • Det Ansinn

    As a long time Evernote user, I find the lack of a timeband in the MacOS version very frustrating. Will this feature be incorporated in the future?

  • Ben

    Great update. Especially printing directly into evernote. Use that a lot for receipts and saving to-read articles from the web.

    One feature I’d like is to set the distance between thumbnails in the thumbnail view. If one had only a few pixels distance between them, more information would fit on the screen.

  • naor

    great up, and i’ve started to use it regularly. one thing I miss is the ability to annotate images. When i’m working on a web site, or other graphical item the easiest workflow for me is to annotate the screen capture, add my remarks and save it as a note.
    Any chance it’ll be supported?

  • Jerry

    Thanks for new features, but can we get some improvements on the basic functionality of the app first, namely getting stuff into Evernote? More specifically, when can we expect a decent clipper for the Mac version? The current Evernote clipper doesn’t work 90% of the time (it rarely shows up in the menu bar despite having the feature activated, and right now it doesn’t even do anything at all), and the part that bugs me the most: it doesn’t copy the semantic HTML or images along with the text. The new PDF feature is only useful if I need a full page. The bookmarklet is not a viable alternative because it’s too slow to fit in a decent work flow. Evernote on Windows works a lot better than the Mac version thanks to the Mozilla clipper, which I think is an unfortunate state of affairs since clipping *is* a major part of Evernote, right? I’d love to get some feedback on that.

  • Katerina

    Please, pretty please, can you make the next version work on Tiger, not just Leopard. The web version’s great, but I would use it soooo much more if it was a program running on my computer.

  • tommy

    Yeah it would be great it it actually worked all the time I have yet to see it show in the menu bar. It has the potential to be a google notebook killer. Just focus on getting it to work properly before releasing it. The update never fixed any of the problems either.

  • torsten

    As some of the commenters did mention, I welcome the new ability to integrate pdf´s, but I still experience problems when I use your syncing services:
    I work on two macs, but anyone has aother notes stored, despite of the activated sync.
    And yes, I´m using the same account…

  • Leafcar

    Hi I was wondering if you still have EverNote invites. If you do can you please send me one. I have been looking all over the internet for one. I would really appreciate it.

  • Ian Bacon

    First, thanks for the improvements, much like the new .pdf support. One feature request for pdf—an option to decrease the size of of the pdf as part of the import process. My thinking is that my storage quota will quickly fill and syncing will take some time if I start to import a sizeable number of pdfs in their full size.

    One more suggestion, I have used NoteTaker in the past, one feature I enjoyed was the option to have ‘ruled lines’ across the page. This would be nice in EN.

    On the topic of clippers, I am using 10.5.2 on my macbook, and am having no trouble with either the Safari clipper or the menu bar clipper (which I use often).

  • Tara

    You have got to be kidding me. These clowns are seriously touting Evernote as a potentially credible, cross-platform clip manager and they can’t even scrounge together a cross-platform Firefox add-on!? Now I’ve seen it all.

    Evernote for Mac is incredibly terrible at the moment. I have no idea why the Evernote gang touts this as an actual OS X beta when 90% of the time hardly anything worth mentioning works. A beta should not be this inconsistent.

    Yet another case of crud-ware stemming from cross-platform development. Evernote, Jack (clipper) of all trades (platforms) and master of none. Mac apps that are also developed for Windows are almost always grade-A digital sludge. Developers end up glazing the tool with lowest common denominators of all sorts.

    This has to be the shoddiest software snow-job I’ve seen in quite some time. Evernote, Yikes!

  • Marko

    Sounds like Tara’s having a bad day. Personally I like Evernote a lot.

    I agree with those who have asked for the ability to make bulleted/numbered lists, and I would love to be able to create tables in notes.

    And for some reason Evernote refuses to remember my password.

    Keep up the good work! I look forward to further refinements in Evernote.

  • a.Shustov

    🙂 Good but what about Windows client?

  • marcus krueger

    Hi there,

    I like the idea of having ONE place for all my notes very much. The greatest weakness of Evernote is getting stuff into the app. I want to clip from any application and anything I can select, i.e images, selected objects, text snippets, and entire documents. And still the source of my clipping has to be recorded automatically. If I select a text snippet from NettNewsWire, the clipping should have the info of the URL of the blog entry or the URL of the site I was clipping from. Date et al. would be nice, too
    So far Yojimbo is my main repository for collecting notes and images and I am not convinced of switching.

  • anaglyph

    I just installed Evernote on my Mac under the latest flavour of Leopard and I notice immediately two things that don’t appear to work – Evernote (the app) fails to load as a Login item (ie, I have to load it manually – it won’t boot automatically at startup) and I don’t see any ‘Clipper’ icon in my menu bar, even though I have ‘Show Evernote Clipper in the Menu Bar’ checked in the prefs.

    Do you have a place for reporting bugs with the beta?

  • Chris

    Mixed view modes do not work for me at all. Nothing ever quite fits when there are 3 panes visible in a window. Please revert to the way it was before!

  • kati42

    I’m a windows user (I need a tablet and am not interested in hacks)… I absolutely need PDF support in my notetaking. I’m an academic and when researching (or reviewing papers) want to full-text-search my PDF files. Right now I have to use two different programs, one to take notes about the file and the other to search full-text. I’m afraid If Evernote supported PDF full-text search for Windows, I’d buy it immediately…

  • Brian

    I really like Evernote! Add encryption and the ability to import my considerable Yojimbo database, and I’m there. The iPhone / desktop / web syncing is the killer feature in Evernote for me. However, without the import I can’t switch. Without the encryption I won’t switch.

  • blade444

    Encryption and decryption on the Web and Iphone platforms are essential. Since one of the main utilizations of this program concept is the ability to have access to all your information that requires access, in different and mobile locations, this severly restricts this goal. This program is superb, but how can it be taken seriously if one’s sensitive, financial, password or other private information is not accessible across all the platforms. Please make this a priority.

  • reubenontherock

    Looking forward to your developing a MAC version for Tiger. Hope it’s soon!

  • Scott

    As a recent convert to Mac, a colleague recommended EverNote as a replacement for OneNote. I have to tell you that, for the most part, I’m very impressed!

    I will second comments from Milko D. Georgiev, though. The ability to annotate notes is of high value. Please consider highlights, comments, whatever for future versions.

  • Dave Fox

    I’ll switch when I can import my Yojimbo library AND encrypt entire notes as I can in Yojimbo.

    Accessing encrypted notes from mobile/web would be nice but not considered essential for me. But i’m not used to using mobile/web currently (as a Yojibo user) so I guess I might want this once i’m used to using Evernote.

    I, like many other I imagine, have passwords, card numbers and whatnot in Yojimbo and find that useful and would not give it up for the way that Evernote handles this. To my mind, not being able to encrypt a whole note, and show the note as encrypted with a lock symbol against it in the list, makes Evernote an inferior product.

    I’ll check back here and await the good news.

  • Joe Robin

    I just started using Evernote to replace Thought Manager. Evernote seems to be a killer app! Here’s one more vote for Linux support – I am forced to use XP at work, but at home use Linux. I’d rather natively install Evernote than have to use Wine. Thank you!

  • Tom Sands

    This worked great on my MacBook running Snow Leopard. I just purchased a Mac Mini with Lion and installed Evernote (Of course) but the ‘Save PDF to Evernote’ didn’t show up in the PDF part of the print window. Do you think I installed it wrong? Any ideas to have it added automatically? The manual addition will only say “Evernote” but not the ‘Save PDF to’ part. Thanks

  • Jeremy Roberts

    The ‘Save PDF to Evernote’ feature is exactly what I’ve been looking for! The problem is, I don’t seem to have that option. I’m running Evernote 3.0.3 on OSX 10.6.8.

    Did I miss something??