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Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 14 Jun 2008

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 14 Jun 2008


UPDATE: Free and Premium allowances are now 60MB/1GB per month, respectively.

UPDATE: Premium users can now purchase up to 5 GB of additional new upload allowance and up to 25 additional upload gigs in a year.


With our latest releases, we’re introducing monthly upload allowances to Evernote.

What’s a monthly upload allowance?
The monthly upload allowance is a measure of how much new data you add to your account on the Evernote web service in a given month. For all of our existing users, the month starts today, June 13. Oh, and don’t worry, all the notes you’ve created and all the features you’ve grown to love aren’t going anywhere.

How much do I get?
All free accounts are set to 40 megabytes per month. At the start of each month, your allowance is reset and you get a fresh forty. This means that if you max out your account every month, you’ll have 480MB of notes at the end of the year.

You’d be surprised how much 40MB gets you in Evernote terms. Here’s a rough estimate:

  • Typed notes: 20,000
  • Ink notes: 10,000
  • Mobile snapshots: 400
  • Web clips: 270
  • Audio notes: 40

How is the monthly upload allowance calculated?
Every time something new is added to your account on the Evernote web service, it counts towards your monthly upload allowance. So, if you have 10MB remaining for a given month and you add a note containing a 1MB image, that will leave you with 9MB for the month. One important thing to keep in mind, you cannot add to your monthly allowance by deleting a note. So, deleting that 1MB note will not bring you back up to 10MB. Notes kept in local notebooks are not sent to the web service and therefore do not count towards your monthly upload allowance.

What if I want more?
Hang in there. We’re putting the finishing touches on our premium subscription, which will offer a significantly higher monthly upload allowance and a bunch of other goodies.

How do I know how much I have remaining?
We’ve built meters into Evernote for Windows, Evernote for Mac, Evernote Web, and Evernote for Windows Mobile to show exactly how far along you are.

There are also a bunch of improvements and bug fixes, so make sure to update Evernote on all the platforms that you use.



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  • William Stewart

    Ah, that looks great, I’m sure I can stick to 40MB/month until you get that premium pricing worked out.

    I had already posted this on my blog tonight without realising you had described it all here. Thanks!

  • Bob

    The new beta keeps crashing on me. :-(

    I’m using OSX 10.5.3, on an Intel Imac. As soon as i open up evernote, it shows up for two seconds, and then it silently quits.

    Anybody else having this problem?

    (If you guys had a forum, I would have posted it there. ;-) )

  • Mugo Petersen

    I don’t like the ida. Now I have to think about what I add and delete. I like the fact that I can add and delete notes as i please, without thinking about my monthly upload cap.

    Why not keeping it simple. 1 GB for free subscription and unlimited for premium users… or something like that?

    Evernote still rocks though ;-)


  • Nik

    Try for the forum.

  • Liron

    I agree with the commenter above. I will be less likely to use Evernote during my daily workflow if I have to stop and think “wait… do I really want to keep this note? how heavy is it? how much monthly space do I have left?”. This, in my opinion, makes the free version less usable from a process perspective.

    I agree that 1gb of total storage would be comfortable enough to swim in – I’d be able to upload files intuitively, which greatly increases my productivity with evernote.

    I feel this is a step in the wrong direction.

  • Mojohito

    With 40 mb of storage and a capped allowance, Evernote is essentially a crippled service.

    20 Mb was weak, but at least I could delete notes – now that my “allowance” is maxed out I simply can’t use the service for the rest of the month! Please work on a better system to implement ASAP.

    So far, I really like the service, but the dismally low storage makes it more frustrating than useful. I can’t frankly tell how well it works, as my account is frozen from updates as soon as I upload my notes. The “Upgrade your account” notice offers an startlingly low 500 Mb of storage. I’m expecting at least 1GB w/ a free account (and I’m willing to pay for more) – less than that & I’ll have to find a different service.

    That said, keep up the good work! I’ve been looking for something just like this!

  • donh

    I think 40MByte a month is just fine for a free service. 40MByte is a lot of text. Sure, if you are clipping hi-res images and audio it will go fast but for text and small images 40MBytes is a lot.

    As for integrating Evernote into my workflow, I don’t want to think about how much space I have left and whether something is “Evernote worthy.” :) So, I hope the premium service has enough quota (or levels of quota) that we don’t have to think about it.

  • Suf

    Although I really appreciate the great service, I have to concur with the commenters above. I think a 1GB limit is far too excessive for free, A reasonable limit of 100MB would be greatly appreciated. Saying that, I’d probably end up subscribing to the premium service anyway. Keep up the good work!

  • Robert

    I understand how these things go, so I won’t make a comment that would be an overreaction to this. I know you guys are figuring things out, and I am sure that you will find a nice middle ground between the premium accounts and the free lunch crowd.

    Since I plan on paying for future use of this, my only concern is that all the noise from the above, who may or may not be future customers, doesn’t distract you all from getting the premium stuff in place.

    My only comment is that having the “meter” in such a large conspicuous place in the UI is both distracting and unnecessary.

    Thanks for you work so far. Waiting for more good stuff to come.

  • Trebor

    I only hope that premium pricing is a) put into place soon as I will run out within a week or two otherwise and b) that is is affordable.

  • Blue.

    I can´t see the storage status on my desktop version, even when it says it´s updated… where can I find that bar? I can´t see it neither on web´s version. BTW, I stick with those who think 40 MB is not enough, now I have to really think what am I going to upload and how heavy it is… Makes me paranoid. Please, I carry 90 GB daily just in my trousers pockets…

  • Douglas

    I think this is a great solution, managing the trade-offs quite nicely. I really hope you guys can start charging for this product soon so you can make some money. I am addicted to Evernote and my only fear is that you guys won’t be able to keep things running.

  • Willie

    I don’t really have a problem with this as long as the notes I add after I have run out of quota will be uploaded in the beginning of the month, as soon as I get more. Will this be the way it works?

  • Nick S.

    I was wondering if you guys were going to add video support to the service. I know that is one thing I REALLY wish I had. Possibly going to be in the upgraded service? or is i possible and I am not aware of it?

  • mr-sk

    I use evernote for research. I store lots, LOTS of pdfs in it. 40mb isn’t enough. 500mb/m is a little better, but 500mb total is still not enough. I’d feel safe with a few gigs.

    It makes me wonder how your searching feature will work on large sets of data, if your so concerned with 40mb.

  • William Stewart

    @mr-sk I put a lot of PDFs in Evernote too, many of them scanned pages. I’m now holding them on my hard drive (and backing up to JungleDisk) until such time that my Evernote Quota is increased.

  • David

    So, when is the ff3 support coming?

  • Marcelo de Moraes Serpa

    Why not a Linux version?? You are loosing many potential users (like me) by ignoring the Linux platform. Shame on you!

  • VictorE

    i’m running evernote for windows v3.0.0.625 and don’t see the storage status bar. does anyone see the storage bar?

  • Opersai

    I’ve stumbled upon this service awhile back, and had meant to try it out. Is there a one time transfer plan so I could move everything I had from other services, namely Google Notebook, to Evernote? I’m not sure if the 40mb limit is going to hold for that first and one time transfer. It would be quiet painful if I have to take 2, 3, 4 months to transfer, and have a frozen account for the rest of the months.

    Could you guys draft up a transfer plan of some sort for first time user to move their notes from old services? That would be greatly appreciated. =D

  • marco

    why if I import a pdf with more then 20-22 pages, Evernote save it, display it but cuts all the pages after?!?
    I haven’t read it anywhere..
    and.. what happens if I uninstall evernote? do I loose all my documents?
    I’ve Leopard..

  • marco

    I’ve found that you can save the pdf back to your computer and have them all visionable.

    I really like this app!! :-)

  • BlueStreak

    … i think this 40mb upload limit is a crap idea, … give us a space at least upto 1GB so that we can play under that without any restrictions, …
    … i really this this but App, … but i’m leaving it now for some other alternate, … can you please explain you on earth you people have also put limit on the desktop version … ?

  • Russ Alman

    I have no problem with 40Mb as a trial. Even saving 150 dpi PDFs, for example, this should give you about 100 pages to test the service with.

    I do, however, think you should have me tiers of service. 500Mb is probably adequate for a small office, but for higher volume use, like a law office for example, 1 or 2Gb per month may be more feasible.

    Also, another suggestion is to have the ability to create multiple logins per account and different access privileges. That way an admin user could add and edit documents, and a standard user could read only.

    One other thing I’d like to see: sub-notebooks (maybe you can call them chapters). Other document processing apps I’ve used like SOHO Notes have this ability.

    With the iPhone and cross platform capabilities, Evernote has marvelous potential for small business document management.

  • C

    I really want to use it, but 40MB is to low for me. If you look around many services offer gigs+, so 40MB in 2009 is so……

    But the rest is great!

  • D J Ingham

    I am just beginning to use Evernote and I like the idea but I think 40Mb monthly upload is going to put me off using it for real.

  • Nanette

    Evernote for Mac reports that after one day of use for the current month’s allotment and 8 short recipes clipped that I have used 20.5MB of my monthly allotment. Evernote Web client reports that I have used 120KB, which is more believable. How do I reconcile these two?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Nanette That’s odd. Please contact our support team for help:

      • dincsi

        Andrew: I have the same issue. How can i report bug for evernote Mac OS X?

      • dincsi

        addendum to the issue: it seems to me, the mac os x client counts the content of the local trash when calculates the monthly allowance. (If you empty the trash the monthly usage displays the real value.) I hope it helps.

  • Victoria Marinelli

    I use Evernote primarily for organizing material for a highly complex nonfiction manuscript with tons and tons of background information I need to be able to summon at will, and I run up against the 500 MB limit pretty quickly in each cycle. My only solution thus far is to load lower priority docs into a local folder and then add it to a synchronized folder later if there happens to be room. About 1 GB per month would be ideal for my purposes. REALLY hope there might soon be an increase in capacity.

  • Ian

    This limit even for paid versions is very disappointing.
    The concept is great. The usability really good. But why, oh why, talk in megs when the average user is getting terabyte drives?
    I’ll try the service but will most probably stop using it for I can’t live with the idea of hitting a ceiling and not being able to do anything about it.

  • Nikki

    40 MB is a lot for a FREE service! Thank you for such a great product and the opportunity to use it.

  • vintage

    My account status has been “0 days left” for 2 days. Why was it not reset?

  • Shaun

    I’m a premium subscriber and have used all of my monthly allowance of 500Mb. Is it possible to purchase more “bandwidth” so I can continue to upload more notes?

  • kevin hansen

    From the question/answer below, does this mean that after 10 years, a user of evernote, will have 5760mg of allowance?

    How much do I get?
    All free accounts are set to 40 megabytes per month. At the start of each month, your allowance is reset and you get a fresh forty. This means that if you max out your account every month, you’ll have 480MB of notes at the end of the year.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @kevin hansen You got it. There’s no cap on how much old content you can have in Evernote. The only restriction is on how much new content you can add in a given month.

      • Li Keat

        What a brilliant system! Limits on new uploads but no limits on lifetime storage!!!
        Save the trouble of reviewing & deleting old notes in order to free up the space…

      • Rodger Moran

        This works out great for me!

  • Mazin

    I think everyone here agrees that Evernote is an excellent Product. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. I paid for the upgrade with pleasure. I was disappointed with how quickly I ran out of Megabytes in my first day of use. Please Please offer different plans with different prices. I am always willing to pay for an excellent product. Don’t worry about all the people that complain about a FREE service. Please concentrate on us folk that need this service and are willing to pay for it.

  • Rita

    I don’t expect a free service to be generous with storage, but I am dismayed that a deleted note is still counted as part of my 40 MB. I used less than 15 mobile snapshots, and half my monthly allotment was gone. Speaking as someone who uses a service free before deciding to commit to the paid version, I am very disappointed.

  • Michael Lykke

    Two vital features are missing from Evernote to really make it the best note app available.

    1. The ability to add chapters/sections to notebooks – Working on a big project having hundreds of notes in a long list is not practical. But being able to use notebooks as the “main” container and then chapters/sections to specific areas within that project would make all the difference.

    2. The upload limit is too low – I can’t grasp why the 500mb upload limit hasn’t been changed in over two years! People complained about it two years ago and still nothing has happend – Powerusers need more than 500mb upload.

    A few other features such as being able to draw directly in a note, ability to drag lines from an image to text in a note etc would be awesome.

  • Jesusislord

    My people go into bondage for lack of knowledge. Thr main feature that drew me to Evernote was ability to search text within camera shots. But this feature quickly devoured the 40 meg alottment. Who knew going into this.

    There needs to be more upfront information on exactly how this works. The more dischanted we are, less likely we will be very patient waiting for your service and for you to make up your mind.

    Am I willing to pay $5 a month for a whopping 500 megs? You may be worth it but my notes aren’t.

  • Max Ziebell

    Hello Evernote-Team,

    please consider a button to reset the monthly allowance for premium users. The button that only is clickable up when a user hits the red zone of his or her limits. The button the redirects to your payment site that charges a value XYZ to reset the allowance (one time fee).

    I hit the 1 GB very quick as I am just moving in with a ton of scanned documents. I now calculated that it will take me 4 Month to move my stuff to the service even though I got it all right here now. I am willing to pay to reset each time in shorter intervals. please make something like this happen for all the hardcore users!

    Best regards


    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the suggestion.

      • Sarah Walker Cleaveland

        That would be so helpful.

      • Daniel

        I would really need this too. +1

  • Ben Zheng

    40MB/month is really low for someone who’s starting in Evernote. It necc, maybe remove the limit and allow it to continue to work on the computer without uploading onto the server. After all, the biggest cost is the server and not necc. the evernote program. Just let us add stuff without uploading it/syncing it.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Our monthly allowance for free users is now 60MB of new content each month. There’s no limit on the total size of your account.

      • clip but no buy

        is there a download limit.
        I ask because I downloaded 59MB of webpages in one month.
        If I download the same next month and want to download them all (I actually keep them on the PC version) then I could not actually retrieve all my work again because off the limits.

        Only your ease of clipping and storage ‘housekeeping’ differentiates you from drop box.

        Did you get an NSA letter for everyone’s personal data stored on your system?

  • Robert

    I am doing a bunch of web clippings right now and the limit is impractical right now, i am not suggesting you raise is as it is a good limit not to high or low, but have it if you eceed the limit it does not upload to the server it just will sit on your computer and if there is more than your allowance sitting on your computer for more than a week or two do not let them continue using evernote and you may or may not upload it

    • clip great

      I think the limit is generous. But not compared to other run to the bottom services that offer more FREE loader space like drop box or Google gmail.

      I hope the service survives because it is the easiest web clipping service I have found.

      I would like a blanket download feature.

      I use the clipping to review webpages and stories so I can read them offline.

  • Matin

    My account status has been “0 days left” for 3 days. Is there any problem about the evernote free account service?

  • clip but no buy

    I use ever note for clipping webpages only.
    There is no way I am putting my own work let alone my private information on any upload service for the NSA to take. Evernote is not given a choice in the matter.