Shiny new web interface and Firefox 3 support

Posted by on 25 Jun 2008

Posted by on 25 Jun 2008

If you’ve been using Evernote for more than, oh, 2 days, then you probably noticed some pretty dramatic changes to the Evernote Web interface. Not only does it look great (*collective pat on the back*), but the new interface is also more user friendly, a whole lot zippier, and it saves a ton of vertical space, which makes it more usable at different screen sizes and resolutions. We also cleaned up the UI by removing redundant actions that can now be accomplished with drag and drop and multi-selection, such as tagging, moving, and deleting notes and notebooks.


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Firefox 3 Support

In other big news, Evernote Web now fully supports Firefox 3! No more pesky popup messages.



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  • AJ Robins

    As much as I want to use Evernote, both the web and desktop versions are missing key features.

    For example, you can do minimal rich text editing with the desktop version, whereas you can’t with the web one. On the other hand, you can view note attributes in the web version, but apparently can’t in the desktop one.

    I’d really like to be able to have one place (web or desktop) where I can (1) do basic rich text editing (e.g., touching up notes, adding horizontal lines, etc.), and (2) view (or go to) the URL from which the note was clipped. Right now, I can’t do all this with either version.

  • carlos

    I just loved the new web clipper and interface.
    The new web clipper is a great improvement, Thanks!

  • Richard

    Ugh, I hate dragging tags, especially since I have too many to see without scrolling. Oh well, I haven’t been using the web interface much anyway.

  • Rhonda Tipton

    Love the new web interface. It is nice and clean looking. Great work on the UI.

  • Victor M.

    I love the new interface, it’s beautiful! But I want to hear about the web clipper update?

  • Yalcin

    Totally awesome and great.

  • Jerry

    The new web clipper really is a huge improvement that, at first glance, makes up for the missing Firefox Mac clipper that I had brought up in your previous Mac-related post (but unfortunately never received a response on). I may actually start using Evernote now on my Mac as well as my PC, the web clipper works really nicely.

    The new web interface is impressively snappy! Only bug I noticed (using FF3) is that I cannot add tags when editing a clip (there’s just no input field), and I cannot edit tags that were already there (all it does is delete them on click). Other than that, great job.

    There’s just one caveat that you may want to consider: the web clipper will not work when the Evernote servers are unavailable, which would be the one advantage of a native Firefox plugin over this Javascript bookmarklet.

  • Arturas

    Hi, i have a question, can you clip videos? if you can, how? because i try to do in FF 3(win XP), but no luck su far..

  • gsempe

    Evernote is a very nice tool. But i can’t subscribe to a premium account without firefox 3 *LINUX* support.
    Is there any date in your roadmap to support Firefox 3 Linux version ?
    I hope an answer. I wish it will be positive.
    Thanks a lot,
    Best regards.

  • Lance

    I’ve been tinkering with Evernote for several months on various platforms. The whole concept of having an external brain (memory) is a great one. To be able to have it all safely stored locally as well as up in the cloud for access from anywhere is the perfect delivery paradigm. I’m finding the program to be more useful all the time, and I’m impressed with the rate of improvements flowing out of Evernote Central. Kudos for the massive improvements in the Windows client UI from 2.2 to 3. Much cleaner, faster, and the sync is an absolute must. Great work – keep it up!

  • Regnareb

    And it still does not support Opera…

  • Blair Rorani

    Tagging doesn’t work in FF 3.0.1

  • Amit

    it would be nicer that instead of the “continue to clipped page” (which results 2[!!!] open tabs with the same site) there will be a “save and close this tab” button.
    thanks! and thanks for evernote.

  • Peter

    Love the interface, can’t seem to find any answers to this question though: are there hotkeys for the web interface? Specifically, is there a hotkey for tabbing/indenting?