T-shirts as high as an elephant’s eye

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 02 Jul 2008

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 02 Jul 2008

The great folks at the local print shop are working overtime to get our shirts printed and out the door to all of you annual subscribers.


Is it strange that Evernote t-shirts now represent about half of my wardrobe?


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  • wesley m.

    Hey: I am hear because of my trust in FLOCK and this is one of the few add-ons, plug-ins or extensions for mozilla technologies that FLOCK endorses.

    I just spent the weekend trying similiar functions in FLOCK Beta from google and clipmarks. So I will be making beta comparisons of all three over time and marking that at the appropriate forums in

    LET ME PRAISE your graphic designer for an amazing icon.color.and t-shirt. I want swag and just ask Evan Hamilton at wesley really deserves some. WANNA NOW share my illustrated ELEPHANT6 from my shop.

    Feedback through my cafepress links and contact information is encouraged, too.

    HERE we VISTA download of your product just finished. 🙂

    wesley m.
    aka DJ Choppercat

  • EP

    Were the shirts ever shipped? I subscribed to the premium account over a month ago and still nothing 🙁

  • einuhrmorgens

    … I want one of the Shirts … but I’m from germany 🙁
    no way to get it?

  • Zaud

    The pink is nice – and I’m wearing it – but I REALLY want the GREEEEEEEEN!


  • Jenny

    Any hope for those of us who use the free version to BUY the T-shirts?

  • Alex

    More shirts please!! Re-Print!! Re-Print!! Purchase option please!! Thank you!!

  • Charlie

    Great shirts and nice color combination!