New updates to Web and Windows

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 31 Jul 2008

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 31 Jul 2008

In the past week, we released new versions of Evernote for Windows and Evernote Web. Here are some of the noteworthy enhancements.

Evernote Web


Rich text editing: The new text editing feature on Evernote Web allows you to add formatting and style to your notes. The editor lets you to add:

  • Bullets and numbering
  • Indentation
  • Fonts, colors, and styles

Web Clipper Firefox extension: The Web Clipper Firefox extension (click to install) works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It lets you clip webpage content, including links, images, and text, directly into your Evernote Web account. If you have Evernote for Windows installed, the Firefox extension will automatically clip web content into the Windows client.

Mobile Web text note editing: We’ve added the ability to edit text notes on Evernote Mobile Web. This feature is coming soon to Evernote for iPhone. Evernote Mobile Web ( is a version of Evernote optimized for mobile browsers.

Evernote for Windows

Numerous updates: The latest Evernote for Windows release contains tons of enhancements, usability improvements, and bug fixes. Our release notes are available here.


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  • DRB

    Are there any plans for Evernote for PalmOS?

  • Lisa

    Just another one of the many reasons Evernote rocks. Thanks for this!

  • Steven Klassen

    Nice job guys!

  • Jeremy

    I am not sure how I feel about the Firefox web clipper extension and the way it works. I have the windows client installed. I use that mainly for times when I need to upload large sets of scanned pictures. For every day use I like to clip things directly into the web client. Is there any way to force the FF extension to default to the web clipper?

  • nesman89

    editing notes from my win mobile phone is the killer app for evernote. I love evernote and it just keeps getting better.

  • Jake

    Dear lord, please implement folders for notebooks:

  • Andemann

    So that actually makes the web version of Evernote better than the Mac version.


  • ajg23

    Really need ability to add a TABLE as well…We can copy/paste an HTML table and edit it, so please give us the shortcut of a button to add a basic table (even just a 2×2 that we can modify!) more easily!

  • ajg23

    One more thing that would help me be able to ditch OneNote: ability to make a shortcut to a given note or set of notes defined by a tag. Thus from the Start menu or a macro program I could be taken to a note or set of notes immediately.

    [I have several “summary” pages/tabs in OneNote that I can get instant access to by launching a shortcut…]

  • i1totalk

    First, this is very nice concept and well done, i am loving it.

    I am having hard time to make notes with images from web pages, evernote editor drops images and just retains text.

    Any thoughts on how to capture also along with text?

  • MaverickStrife

    While I have a laptop with windows and a Mac laptop, I prefer the ease of my Zoom tablet. I use bullets on many of my notes; I use them for outlines, and general note taking. Yet, I am unable to indent my bullets on my tablet and that is slightly distressing. Are there any plans to implement that on the Android OS?